Early Academic Outreach Program College-Site Coordinator

Oxnard & Santa Maria
Full Time
UC Santa Barbara

Department Marketing Statement

To assist high-achieving and high potential, first generation, and low-income students to attain high academic standards and provide the necessary academic support to matriculate in to the University of California. Through collaborative efforts with other pre-college programs, we will provide students, their families, and communities with the necessary resources to increase eligibility, applications, and enrollments in post-secondary education. We are committed to supporting students’ educational success through providing them educational options, academic support, and excellent participant-centered services through high professional standards.


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Brief Summary of Job Duties

Under the general direction of the EAOP Director and the school administrative designee, as well as working closely with school site liaisons at feeder junior high/middle schools in the Oxnard Union or the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District, oversees and coordinates the effective delivery of comprehensive college preparation and academic development programs, services, and activities throughout the “EAO partnership school cluster” composed of the designated partnership high school and feeder middle school(s). Primary objectives include increasing: CSU/UC Eligibility rates; a-g course enrollment and completion; the number of admissions test (SAT/ACT/AP) takers; transfer preparation; the number of students competitively eligible for the UC/CSU systems; and the number of students that successfully complete Algebra I by the tenth grade. The related academic preparation services consist of study skill workshops, online and vendor test preparation services, academic enrichment academies, and academic retention and support services for the college preparation of EAO enrolled students and school-wide populations. College Knowledge services include transcript evaluations, academic advisement, financial aid awareness, an overview of four systems of higher education, CSU/UC web-based application services, a-g eligibility, and college prep requirements. Coordinate annual matriculation visits and academic tours, College Making It Happen Family Conference, UC Success Night, the formation of Academic Ambassadors/UC-I-Can Clubs, and host annual Academic VIP Receptions and orientation events for school site personnel. Implements a number of academic enrichment models related directly to increasing college readiness, academic achievement, and the number of students competitively eligible for the UC/CSU systems. Develops, implements, and coordinates the delivery of an EAO study skills curriculum, the formation of study groups, and the Summer College Readiness Academy and College-Going Initiatives at the school sites. Extensively provides for the following: at the Middle School level – study skill workshops, study groups, and test-taking strategies; at the High School level – admissions test preparation services, study skills, and diagnostic instruments; and at the community level – test prep workshops will be coordinated at the targeted school sites and/or in central locations in the community. Works in conjunction with EAOP Academic Services Coordinator for the facilitation and coordination of centralized workshops for all partnership school students. Works closely with school-based and/or pre-college program parent service coordinators to provide specific academic and college preparation workshops, services, events, activities, and conferences that are designed to increase college awareness, leadership, participation, and academic achievement for participating parents and students. Works in conjunction with other Pre-College Programs, regional consortiums, and inter-segmental partners to organize and coordinate workshops, events, activities, and services including securing facilities, setting dates, promoting events, securing student enrollment, and coordinating activities on the day of the event. Systematically collects outcome data, employs assessment measures, and maintains pre and post-test intervention data for all participants, events, and activities associated with their respective duties and responsibilities. Reports status on a monthly and annual basis and assist with recording outcome data for statewide assessment and accountability reports.


Job Functions/Percentage of Time/Duties

Academic Development and College Prep Services – 50%

Implements and coordinates the delivery of comprehensive learning skills, test-taking strategies, study groups, and test prep program for EAOP partnership high schools and designated middle schools. Utilizes transcript evaluation in conjunction with Individual Academic Planner (IAP) to determine academic assistance needs and provide academic advisement for UC/CSU eligibility. Reviews EAO student transcripts for senior advisement and admissions options. Works directly with junior, sophomore, and freshmen transcript evaluation services to assess academic progress towards UC/CSU Eligibility. Actively reinforces the importance of successful completion of A-G courses and of high-level performance on placement, diagnostic, standardized, and admissions exams in relation to college preparation. Refers students to pre-college programs and services, while working collaboratively to provide academic development services through coordinated, inter-segmental, pre-college efforts at selected partnership school. Assists in the design and implementation of school site EAO Academic retention services model that incorporates the formation of student enrollment clusters and study groups. Responsible for increasing participation rates of EAO students in Community College and concurrent enrollment programs. Establishes and maintains college test library for participating students. Assists in the design, development, and distribution of academic support and college prep materials for students, parents, and teachers. Works closely in the coordination and implementation of school site and or academic academies including the recruitment, marketing, selection and placement of EAO students in pre-college summer enrichment programs or academies at UCSB, the surrounding communities, and/or across the state of California (COSMOS, Research Mentorship, Early Start, Young Writers Camp). Facilitates and coordinates test preparation workshops/courses that assist students in attaining maximum academic achievement in A-G courses and/or on college entrance examinations. Implements one of several EAO Test Prep service models including test prep workshops, the test prep academies, test prep courses, test prep review sessions, on-line test preparation, and/or the use of vendor based review models. Advises students on admissions test registration deadlines (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP), fee waivers, and increase registration and participation rates, as well as facilitates increased achievement levels on these exams. Provides series of intensive learning skill workshops and classes targeting EAO students from 6th-12th grade. Utilizes before, during, and/or after school courses, Saturday academies, AVID classes, or inter-session and summer enrichment academies and programs as delivery options. Assists in providing academic success workshops such as but not limited to study skills, learning styles, time management, goal setting, and note taking.


Liaison with School District and Pre-College Program – 20%

Serves as liaison with middle and high school counselors, teachers, and career technicians as well as inter-segmental pre-college program staff in the promotion and provision of EAO academic development, enrichment, and/or student college preparation services. Interacts effectively and diplomatically with school district administrators, key school personnel, UCSB faculty and staff, and pre-college inter-segmental partners during the coordination and delivery of EAOP services. Actively collaborates with UCSB Pre-College Program Staff, School Site Coordinating Councils, School Boards, High School Counseling & Academic Departments, and associated school site committees. Partners with inter-segmental pre-college programs, such as but not limited to MESA, CAL-SOAP, AVID, Upward Bound, PUENTE, and FLA to provide academic support , reduce duplication of services, and increase collaboration at HS and MS levels for students and parents. Provides teachers with EAO and college preparation materials designed to develop and enhance learning skills, test preparation, and college readiness in the classroom. Learns District and school site policies and procedures, including academic placement procedures, graduation requirements, accelerated learning options, master schedule formation, and enrollment criteria, for college prep placement. Assists in promoting and registering participants in college entrance exams, diagnostic services, and standardized testing services such as Gateways, CSU Mentor, AP On-line Project, PSAT Pilot program, etc. Promotes learning skill workshops and classes, Saturday academies, inter-session and summer programs targeting EAO students from 6th-12th grade with school district personnel. Works closely with school based and/or pre-college program parent services to provide specific academic and college preparation workshops, services, events, activities, and conferences designed to increase college awareness, leadership, participation, and academic achievement for participating parents.


Support & Coordinate Ongoing EAO Initiatives – 20%

Coordinate Ongoing EAO Initiatives Participates in EAO Department meetings, planning retreats, regional unit meetings, on-campus and community-based organizations, as well as selected school-site committees. Formulates, implements, and monitors annual programming budget for respective partnership schools and activities. Coordinates recruitment for and implementation of EAOP matriculation visits, College Making It Happen, UC Success Nights, parent and student conferences, summer academies, and academic enrichment activities at partnership schools. Works in conjunction with all EAO based parent-centered activities, including but not limited to coordinating academic development and college preparation services for parents. Assists in the education of parents on the importance of reading comprehension, writing, and learning skills and how these skills are critically related to performance on standardized tests and college admission exams. Assists with information dissemination and efforts to increase awareness and participation in school site college preparation activities, events, and programs. On an as-needed basis, assists with Student Affairs Division wide events, activities, and programs throughout the calendar year. Assists Admissions Office in the applicant review and selection process. Participates in admissions training for reading and editing of UC applications for admissions, and makes recommendations regarding UCSB admission decisions for partnership school students, including the appeal process. Meets with partnership school applicants to determine housing and financial aid needs, as well as information regarding necessary administrative processes to identify and address individual requirements. Serves as liaison to UCSB services such as EOP, Orientation Programs, and Academic Advisement. Increases contacts with Community Colleges to provide EAO and other college bound students with assessment information and transfer support services. Arranges UC/CSU campus visits in coordination with middle and high school College and Career Centers. Serves as the liaison between school sites, School District, and EAO Academic Tour Coordinator to arrange UCSB based Academic Tours.


Program Analysis and Evaluation – 10%

Maintains EAO school rosters and coordinates updates of demographic information in program database. Secures program applications and parent consent forms for all EAO students. Documents student contacts and participation rates via Student Visit Reports (SVR) and Student Enrollment Forms (SEV). Coordinates the on-going and regular input and maintenance of school visit reports, student intake forms, and activity sheets for EAO events, activities, and services. Assists in the collection of school-site and student performance data for purpose of analyzing program services, activities, and event outcomes. Prepares and submits written mid-year and annual reports documenting service outcomes and recommendations for planning purposes. Assists in the evaluation of partnership school programs effectiveness through longitudinal assessment mechanisms designed in conjunction with campus evaluation coordinator, SAPEP standards and expectations, and EAO data base specifications. Assists in the design, maintenance, and assessment of service satisfaction levels of school partners, including teachers, counselors, administrators, students, parents, and associated stakeholders. Provides department updates in oral and written presentations, event summary reports, and during event debrief meetings. Assists in the preparation and assessment of data for the purpose of sustaining continual quality improvement throughout annual cycle. Utilizes database applications (Excel, Access, SSP), web-based resources (UCCP, CSU Mentor, California Colleges), and/or other school based data systems to generate annual reports and assess participation rates.


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EAOP College Site Coordinator, Pioneer Valley High School (1 of 1 in Santa Maria Joint Union High School District)



EAOP College Site Coordinator,  Rio Mesa High School, Channel Islands High School, or Pacifica High School (3 of 3 in Oxnard Union High School District)


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