Child Development Specialist

South Santa Barbara County
Full Time
Carpinteria Children's Project


The Child Development Specialist works with parents and their children beginning at the prenatal stage and through their fourth birthday. This person will engage parents of all 0-4 aged children in Carpinteria and help them understand, promote, and attend to their child’s healthy development while stepping in with support if their child suffers risk to development such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), so they can support their children’s preparation for kindergarten and later academic success. This person will work closely with the Family and Community Liaison to connect the family to other services needed and remove and decrease family stressors.


  1. Promote a culture of empowering families and work to provide a consistent pathway of care for families both within the FRC and the Thrive Carpinteria Partner Network while following the California Network of Family Strengthening Network’s Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support or similar standards
  2. Contribute to the provision of a high-quality, appropriate, and culturally sensitive prenatal to four support program. Provide or assist in the provision of:
    • touchpoint meetings with participants twice a year
    • home visitation interventions
    • information/referral services and follow-up primarily to families with children aged 0–4 in the Carpinteria community
    • case management for families, including long-term goal setting and monitoring of those goals
    • parent support and education classes on topics such as ACEs, parenting, school expectations, literacy, health, and the five protective and promotive factors
    • attend meetings alongside families with different organizations to advocate and provide support
    • promote parent-led activities and gatherings
  1. Collaborate with WIC, Early Start, and other Thrive Partner Network Participants for recruitment
  2. Maintain accurate and confidential client files and data tracking using required systems while complying with contractual expectations, ethical and legal standards of practice and confidentiality, and HIPAA and FERPA requirements as appropriate
  3. Implement program-adopted screening tools for parents and children
  4. Maintain effective communication with families and staff
  5. Ensure contractual expectations and program targets are met
  6. Work closely with colleagues in Carpinteria and Santa Barbara County to be knowledgeable about the social services, health, and parent education opportunities available to our community and how to access and coordinate them in Carpinteria, thereby filling gaps in available service
  7. Maintain confidentiality and ensure privacy in communications about children, families, staff, and colleagues.
  8. Contribute to team effort and meet regularly with staff members in the FRC to plan and monitor implementation of initiatives and ensure integration of program operations.
  9. Other duties as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Executive Director or immediate supervisor


  1. Bachelor’s degree or three years related experience preferred
  2. Knowledge of and experience providing social services preferred
  3. Knowledge of child development or experience working with young children preferred
  4. Proficiency in both English and Spanish required; bicultural preferred
  5. Computer and Internet literacy and excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish required
  6. Ability to prioritize work and manage multiple tasks effectively
  7. Valid automobile insurance and a valid California Driver’s License are required
  8. Be available to work flexible hours including nights and occasional weekends required
  9. Covid-19 vaccine and booster required



Work is generally performed within a school or office environment. Work is generally sedentary. The working environment is generally favorable. Lighting and temperature are adequate, and there are typically no hazardous conditions. Occasional lifting and carrying are required.


  • Attendance and dependability: Can be depended on to report to work at the scheduled time and is seldom absent from work. The employee can be relied upon to complete work in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner and is conscientious about assignments.
  • Communication and contact: Communicates effectively and respectfully, both verbally and in writing, with superiors, colleagues, Board of Directors, volunteers, vendors/suppliers, and the public.
  • Relationships with others: Works effectively and relates well with others, including superiors, colleagues, Board of Directors, volunteers, vendors/suppliers, and the public, maintaining professional and constructive working relationships.
  • Adherence to policies and procedures: Complies with written and verbal policies and procedures and instructions from management.

This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, and skills required. As assigned or deemed necessary by management, other duties may be required. Management reserves the right to revise this job description at any time. The job description does not constitute an employment contract, nor does it in any way alter the at-will employment relationship.

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