Amplify Sleep Away Camp Health + Wellness Coordinator

South Santa Barbara County, Other
Full Time, Temporary
Amplify Arts Project (Girls Rock SB)

Our health + wellness coordinators are a part of the health and wellness team responsible for the physical well-being of campers and staff. HWCs communicate as appropriate with parents, campers, Amplify and Besant Hill staff, and within their team through daily check-in meetings, updating lead staff as needed. HWCs are directly supervised by the program director and the executive director. The practice of HWCs is supervised by the local doctor’s standing orders. BIPOC women + gender-expansive humans strongly encouraged to apply.


This is a temporary salaried position with either a 7:30am-3:30pm or 3-11pm shift 6 days/week, with one 24-hour period per week free from camp responsibilities, while still upholding expectations. HWCs are in the rotation for on-call overnight shifts to tend to any camp needs that may occur.

Pre camp parent/guardian communication regarding allergies, dietary restrictions, medications, and any special support a camper might need

Arrival day intake and health checks

Managing and maintaining health center, forms and records

Administer medications

Administer first aid, assess when needs exceed the capacity of camp, and follow up with reporting, checking in on campers’ well being, and communicate with parent/guardians, staff, and lead team as needed

Day camper check in and check out

Daily check in with Health and Wellness Team

Meetings as needed with Amplify staff, lead team, camp directors

Track and communicate appropriately to accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, and any other camper special needs

Practice organized and thorough documentation of all care provided

Prepare camper medications, allergies, dietary restrictions, and emergency contact info sheet for all off campus trips

Remain prepared to step in for other staff when they cannot fulfill their duties

CPR and first aid certification

Must be a physician, RN, licensed vocational nurse, EMT or a person who has 15+ hours of health and safety training including pediatric first aid, and completion of preventative health practices course that includes instruction in the recognition, management, and prevention of infectious diseases, including immunizations, and prevention of childhood injuries.

Understanding of and connection to our mission so that it is at the forefront of mind

The pay range is $6,300–8,100 depending on experience, for 9 weeks (10 days prior to session 1 for onsite move-in, team training) of full-time summer employment

Room and board is 100% covered

Travel cost to and from campus is not included and is the responsibility of each staff member

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Communication

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Problem Resolution

πŸ—² Music Knowledge

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Flexibility

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Team Player

πŸ—²πŸ—² Mentorship

πŸ—²πŸ—² Camp Experience

πŸ—²πŸ—² Creative

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Self-Starter

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Calm Demeanor

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Time Management



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