Camp Care Specialist @ Amplify Sleep Away Camp

South Santa Barbara County, Other
Part Time, Temporary
Amplify Arts Project (Girls Rock SB)

Camper Care Specialist (CCS) is a part of the health and wellness team supporting the mental well being of campers and staff, serving as Amplify’s onsite social emotional wellness coordinator. The main responsibility of the CCS is to be available for one on one and group conversations as needed with the goal of helping our community develop coping skills, resolve conflicts, and manage stress, as well as provide a non-judgmental ear for those who just want to talk. The CCS is directly supervised by the program director and the executive director. BIPOC women + gender-expansive humans strongly encouraged to apply.

This is a temporary hourly position that has an open schedule of 10-30 hrs/wk that is arranged on a case by case basis with the program director.

Lead or assist workshops during staff orientation to provide training in helping campers manage anxiety, stress, conflict/resolution and homesickness, as well as staff self care

Point person and support for Youthwell’s mental health first aid staff training

Lead weekly SEL workshops for campers integrating concepts such as body positivity, strategies to manage anxiety and build relationships, cultivating resilience and finding your flow, developing your communication style to increase connection, power of movement and breathing, wellness tips, and/or compassionate and mindful listening.

Provide spontaneous 1:1 guidance to campers and staff as needed with an objective to reintegrate participants back into scheduled activities

Host a table during meal time for intentional conversation and connection with campers

Connect campers with staff for support as needed

Utilize trauma informed and social emotional learning practices in all communication

Debrief meetings with wellness team and/or lead staff at the end of each shift and with other staff as needed

Work with staff and/or parents/guardians to create comprehensive approaches to health and behavior concerns

Follow up with camper issues, plans, and behavior contracts as appropriate

Previous experience with mentoring and communicating with youth in grades 3-12

MFT or actively seeking MFT degree or license

Able to design and group activities, workshops and discussions for youth and adults

Understanding of and connection to our mission so that it is at the forefront of mind

Compassionate, calm, and mindful conversationalist

Able to follow through with daily summaries, parent/guardian communication, and checking in on campers and staff as needed

Hourly rate between $21-30/hour for 9 weeks (including staff training)

Option to live on campus β˜… room and board is 100% covered for staff

Travel cost to and from campus is not included and is the responsibility of each staff member

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Communication

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Problem Resolution

πŸ—² Music Knowledge

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Flexibility

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Team Player

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Mentorship

πŸ—²πŸ—² Camp Experience

πŸ—²πŸ—² Creative

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Self-Starter

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Calm Demeanor

πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—²πŸ—² Time Management



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