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Santa Barbara County-Department of Social Services
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Mission, Vision, Values
The Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services offers programs and services to help people maintain their health, improve their economic security, and protect their safety. We also administer several community networks to coordinate, improve upon, and report on services for children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.

The Mission, Vision, Values information below is also available as a one-page printable PDF.

Helping our community be safe, supported and self-sufficient.

The Department of Social Services envisions a thriving community of individuals and families who are resilient, socially integrated, safe, and self-sufficient. We envision a diverse and engaged workforce that is fully prepared to identify individual, family, and community needs; to administer federal, state and county programs equitably to meet those needs; and to establish inclusive partnerships that ensure collaborative solutions.

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational values that we center in both our agency culture and in our daily work. In our Department, we will:

Treat everyone — including ourselves — with civility, dignity, and respect, recognizing that many people have experienced significant life traumas
Stay committed to inclusion, and strive each day to foster a culture of belonging and empowerment
Recognize and value the unique lived experiences and perspectives of our staff and the people we serve, honoring their voice and choice
Support equitable access to available resources
Keep customer and community service at the forefront in our daily practices
Provide exceptional service and critical supports to help people navigate challenging circumstances
Create an atmosphere of trust through honest and timely communication, consistency and accountability
Approach challenges with creativity, flexibility, and innovation
Take creative risks and apply informed judgment, working in partnership to arrive at solutions
Make decisions that honor the values of the community while safeguarding its resources
Comply with regulations and procedures established for the programs and services we provide, and advocate for effective change to ensure that those programs and services are responsive to diverse needs and identities
Create an inclusive and affirming workplace that reflects the rich diversity of our community — where all employees feel valued, appreciated, and free to bring their whole selves to work
Provide opportunities for meaningful participation in the development of policies and practices
Foster connections that support collaboration and mutually beneficial community partnerships

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