Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara Leads a Schoolwide Mindfulness Session at Aliso Elementary to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

On Friday, May 10th Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara held its first annual Mindfulness/Therapy Dog Visit for the entire student body at Aliso School in Carpinteria and it was a resounding success! From the moment eight of their cuddly canines arrived on campus, a wave of calmness and happiness spread throughout the school. Staff and all 327 students from TK-5th grade participated in guided mindfulness exercises and interacted with the dogs, finding comfort and joy in their gentle nature and unconditional love. By the end of this school year, all grades will have graduated from their Wag Well program, showing the administration’s dedication to being a positive space for its students and staff. This event served as a beautiful reminder of the powerful bond we share with animals and the positive influence they have on our mental health.

Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara would like to thank the City of Carpinteria and BEGA North America. Their support makes it possible for the organization to offer its programs free of charge to many Carpinteria based schools and organizations like Aliso Elementary, Carpinteria Library and Girls Inc. of Carpinteria.

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