Leading From Within’s Mindfulness Opportunity to Kick Off 2023

Ken Saxon and Jennifer Reitz are offer this four-session program series “Mindful Presence” on Zoom, and you are invited to join them for the journey. We’ve been through so much challenge and disruption over the past few years. As a leader and person, might this be a good time to reconnect with and prioritize yourself? Might investing in the qualities of your own presence help you to better support all those who rely on you – at work and elsewhere?

What is this “Mindful Presence” program?

This program will support participants to lead their lives and their work with greater intentionality and presence, and to explore practices to cultivate themselves and their leadership. In and between these four sessions, participants will engage in:

  • practices that cultivate mindfulness, including different types of meditation and embodied practice
  • mindful communications, including cultivating presence and listening skills
  • exploration on relevant themes fundamental to presence
  • design (or re-design) of practices that can can help one live and lead with greater intentionality
  • inspiration from peers also committed to growing in self-awareness and intentionality

Mindfulness, embodied practice and self-reflection support leaders to bring their most vibrant and effective presence to the many challenges inherent in leadership roles, and to guide their careers and their lives with greater intentionality and sustainability. As our mind is, our life becomes – so it is critical for each of us to attend to the qualities of our mind.

Who is this program for?

This Mindful Presence program is intended for nonprofit, philanthropic and other social sector professionals and volunteers.

4 sessions: January 20 and 27, February 3 and 10, 2023
9:00-11:00 AM, via Zoom

Commitment, Registration, & Cost

Please register for this Mindful Presence Series with the intention to participate in all (or at least 3) of the sessions and between sessions. Your full engagement is required to achieve the benefits of the program. The program cost is $150, and scholarships are available where needed. This is an ongoing leadership development opportunity, which we advocate be supported as professional development wherever possible.


Visit our website for facilitator bios/registration link.

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