Empowering Young Minds Through Play: Girls Inc. of Carpinteria Launches Recess Club in Carpinteria Schools to Encourage Physical Fitness, Educational Opportunities and Social Inclusion


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Empowering Young Minds Through Play: Girls Inc. of Carpinteria Launches Recess Club in Carpinteria Schools to Encourage Physical Fitness, Educational Opportunities and Social Inclusion


CARPINTERIA, CA (November 3rd, 2023)Girls Inc. of Carpinteria is proud to announce Recess Club within the Carpinteria School District!


Girls Inc. of Carpinteria is committed to promoting physical and hands-on activities while fostering an inclusive environment for children. The organization is thrilled to introduce Recess Club in elementary schools across the Carpinteria Valley. Recess Club’s mission is to create a secure and welcoming haven for students during school recess, providing engaging and interactive activities to enhance enrichment opportunities, teamwork, and social connections.


Guided by trained staff, Recess Club places a strong emphasis on encouraging wholesome play, facilitating social interactions, and nurturing a sense of belonging among all students. Recent research has shown a decrease in recess time at elementary schools, and Girls Inc. is dedicated to addressing this gap and ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that includes healthy socialization, mental enrichment, and physical education.


Lei Taro, Athletic Coordinator and Recess Club facilitator, leads the organization’s STRONG efforts on campus. STRONG aims to inspire youth to develop an interest in health and wellness by integrating physical activity, nutrition, and a healthy living curriculum to engage the mind, body, and soul. Taro emphasizes, “With Girls Inc. as a partner and a familiar presence on the playground, structured outdoor activities during recess provide less active children with a safe and enjoyable environment to explore new interests. It’s been fantastic to see both boys and girls playing together and inviting other friends to join in on the fun.”


In addition, Recess Club by Girls Inc. serves as a platform to cultivate a lasting passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among youth by offering engaging enrichment activities during recess. These hands-on and interactive STEM sessions are thoughtfully designed to be age-appropriate, providing relevant information to extend learning beyond the classroom. Through these lessons, youth are presented with enjoyable and stress-free opportunities to explore and develop their innate talents in subjects such as science and technology. Stevi Pell, STEM and Eureka! Program coordinator shares, “Getting early, hands-on learning experiences in STEM can be revolutionary for kids. To be encouraged to build, create, examine, learn about, and change the world around them is incredibly empowering, and having a space to unabashedly try out STEM activities can ignite and inspire a lifelong passion. We encourage kids to try and fail, examine their attempts, and try again. This builds children’s resilience and confidence in themselves and their abilities.”


Jamie Collins, Executive Director, states, “In alignment with our strategic plan to support the youth of Carpinteria, Recess Club was developed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for students during school recess, recognizing that many challenges often arise on the playground. We offer structured activities to actively engage young learners in fostering new and positive social interactions and creating a sense of togetherness.”


Girls Inc. of Carpinteria fulfills its mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through impactful programs that empower girls to achieve personal, social, political, and economic success. The organization’s programs respond to the critical need in Carpinteria for high-quality after-school enrichment for Pre-K through 12th-grade girls. Their holistic approach helps girls value themselves, take risks, and discover and develop their inherent strengths. The Recess Club program takes the traditional Girls Inc. campus-based programs and makes them accessible and available to all youth who wish to participate.



For more information about Girls Inc. of Carpinteria or Recess Club, please call (805) 684-6364 or visit

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