Volunteer Program & Foster Coordinator

South Santa Barbara County
Santa Barbara
Full Time
Animal Shelter Assistance Program

Volunteer Program & Foster Coordinator 

POSITION SUMMARY: The Volunteer Program & Foster Coordinator supports the Animal Shelter
Assistance Program’s (ASAP Cats) mission of saving cats by recruiting and providing ongoing
engagement, training, and recognition for volunteers including onsite and foster volunteers.
Serving as the shelter’s liaison for members of the community interested in becoming involved
with ASAP Cats, this position connects people with volunteer opportunities and provides
outreach, education, and coordination for ASAP Cats volunteers. This position will also provide
support to other ASAP Cats programs, including promoting cats via social media, supporting
Working Cats and TNR programs, and providing support for certain events, as needed.

REPORTS TO: Shelter Operations Supervisor


● Recruit, train, and manage volunteers, including off-site fosters and volunteers in the shelter.
● Manage ASAP Cats foster programs to ensure that cats and kittens in need of foster care are placed
quickly and appropriately, and to ensure the excellent care of animals in foster care, and provide
training for foster volunteers.
● Establish and maintain clear, responsive, timely, and effective communication processes between
shelter volunteers, foster volunteers, volunteer leadership, and staff.
● Work with volunteer leadership and staff to educate the community about ASAP Cats programs
and volunteer opportunities and to identify/develop community resources for various program
● Establish and manage communication with foster volunteers regarding the status of foster cats,
including development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of robust foster program
communication systems.
● Nurture a culture of volunteer appreciation and recognition among staff, board members, and
● Collaborate with the Shelter Operations Supervisor, key volunteers, and other stakeholders to plan
and manage adoption off-site and virtual events, and other events as assigned.
● Create, implement, oversee, and maintain program data and systems for tracking, reporting, and
comparative purposes.

● Recruit and respond to all volunteer applications/inquiries in a timely manner.
● Assist in developing, and in compliance with already approved, policies and procedures, maintain
and review volunteer protocols and training to ensure volunteer safety and excellent, sanitary, and
safe cat care at the shelter.
ASAP Position Description
Volunteer Program & Foster Coordinator 2021 10-31
● Manage the schedule for a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Create and keep an up-to-date
volunteer schedule, ensuring adequate coverage for in-shelter, remote and/or non-animal care
volunteer positions.
● Actively support volunteer engagement, development, appreciation, and retention by maintaining,
creating, and promoting ongoing opportunities for training/retraining, volunteer input,
multifaceted communication, collaboration, and recognition for all volunteers, on and off-site.
● Monitor volunteer performance and develop a training plan and schedule to provide opportunities
for ongoing training/retraining as needed.
● Provide regular, ongoing outreach and communication with ASAP Cats volunteers.

● Recruit, train, and maintain a robust group of foster volunteers to provide short term and longterm homes and care for ASAP Cats: healthy adult short term, medical or behavior fosters,
senior/hospice fosters, kitten and or neonatal fosters, queens with litters, etc.
● Maintain and create policies and procedures, training modules, materials and SOPs for foster
volunteers, including for specialized fostering areas.
● Regularly communicate, establishing a process to do so if needed, with the Operations
Supervisor, Veterinary staff, Behavior, Retention, and other key volunteers to identify and
promote cats that would benefit from temporary placement and to gain familiarity with their
individual needs and readiness for adoption.
● Ensure that cat locations are tracked accurately and transparently, where the information is
clear and accessible to others.
● Collaborate with the Veterinary, Foster, Retention and other program directors ensure regular
written and verbal communication with foster volunteers to monitor health and behavior status
of cats/kittens in foster homes, schedule timely appointments for vaccination, treatment, and
● Work with staff/program directors to respond to and resolve issues with cats in foster homes.
● Working in collaboration with retention, behavior, and other program directors to obtain photos
and personality profiles from fosters of cats and kittens ready for/pending adoption ensuring
matchmaking/adoptions teams have needed information to update on-line profiles and to find
adopters who are a good fit, and for use in communicating updates and outcomes.
● Develop protocols for cats being sent to foster that can be utilized by shelter volunteers in
preparation for moving them offsite, including who to release the cat to.
● Ensure cat care is completed prior to the cat leaving the shelter (nail trims, vaccinations up-todate, etc.), supplies (medical, food, litter, etc.), and pertinent information is ready for the foster.
● Manage and communicate inventory needs to the inventory volunteer. Track item usage and
availability. Project needed inventory throughout the year. Monitor for budgeting, working with
the Shelter Operations Supervisor to monitor and ensure adequate budget is available.

● Collaborate with staff and volunteer leadership to promote ASAP’s programs and opportunities to
volunteer with ASAP Cats, working to develop relationships, broaden ASAP Cats’ audience, and
knowledge of its programs, increasing support for ASAP Cats and strengthening program impacts.
ASAP Position Description
Volunteer Program & Foster Coordinator 2021 10-31
● Work with staff and volunteer leadership to promote cat and kitten placements and adoptions, and
to provide community outreach and education.
● Collaborate with the Shelter Operations Supervisor and volunteer leadership to establish and
manage an adoption event calendar (short and long term), detail event needs, (ensure adequate
event support, including site set-up and break-down, matchmakers, and adoption counselors),
promote and coordinate events, and track and report event outcomes.
● Assist on other events as assigned.

● Be a role model for ASAP Cats Organizational Culture Agreement. Establish ongoing positive,
meaningful relationships with all staff and volunteers, both in the shelter and off-site, encouraging
respect, collaboration, and continued connection and commitment to ASAP.
● Willing to be trained to perform basic medical procedures on cats, including providing vaccinations,
medications, injections, etc., and to train volunteers on such procedures.
● Provide real time triage, problem solving, and conflict resolution as needed.
● Assist in the ongoing assessment, development and implementation to support utilizing technology
to support program needs, transitioning program services into efficient on-line processes.
● Maintain professionalism, a positive attitude with a focus on solutions, and a high-level focus on
customer service in all interactions.
● Possess a self-motivated, autonomous, work ethic that promotes continual growth of knowledge,
programs, and process improvement.
● Project management, including timely development, and delivery of, set goals and outcomes.
● Creatively collaborate in the development of volunteer engagement strategies to support
organizational and program specific needs.
● Perform other duties as assigned.

● Work environment includes constant exposure to felines and other animal allergens.
● Lift and move objects and animals weighing up to 25 pounds for short distances and to humanely
restrain animals when necessary.
● Push/pull moderately heavy objects up to 50 pounds.
● Drive a vehicle.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: High School Diploma required. Four-year Bachelor’s degree is
preferred. Qualifying work experience will be considered as an alternative.
Bilingual Spanish preferred, but not required.

● One or more years of volunteer and/or foster management experience
● One or more years of humane animal handling experience in an animal shelter or veterinary
● Knowledge of feline care including health, behavior, and handling; and a passion to learn more.
● Project development and management experience.
● Problem solving, troubleshooting, and dispute resolution skills and experience.
ASAP Position Description
Volunteer Program & Foster Coordinator 2021 10-31
● A genuine enjoyment of engaging, interacting with, and educating people.
● Ability to exercise tact and independent judgement; experience in assessing people’s strengths and
● Attention to detail, strong work ethic, and the ability to thrive in a busy work environment.
● Works well independently, and enjoys working as a member of a team.
● Familiar with Shelter Luv, Gmail, OneDrive, Microsoft Office applications, Google Sheets, Volgistics,
Maddie’s Pet Assistant, PetFinder, and Accuity.
HOURS: FLSA STATUS: NON-EXEMPT POSITION, full-time, 40 hours per week. Daily hours and days of
the week may vary according to the needs of the department schedule. May include weekends, night,
and holidays. Regular predictable attendance is required.

SALARY: RANGE: $20 -$23.00 per hour, DOE, plus benefits.

TO APPLY: A cover letter and resume are required to be submitted for consideration for this

Please apply via email to: employment@asapcats.org

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