Facilities and Equipment Maintenance Supervisor

Mid Santa Barbara County
Santa Barbara
Full Time
Ganna Walska Lotusland





Title Facilities and Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
Classification Salary, Exempt, Fulltime 40 hours per week
Salary Range $65,000 – $70,000, DOE


Position Summary

Facilities and Equipment Maintenance Supervisor oversees all operations and maintenance of Lotusland’s physical assets including buildings, infrastructure and building and grounds equipment.  Sets and adheres to work schedules, and directs and oversees full time and part time Facilities and Equipment Maintenance Assistants. Assures standards for safety, conduct rules, workmanship and good housekeeping practices. Assists with planning, estimation, problem solving, labor coordination and reporting.  Reports to the Director of Operations.


Specific Responsibilities

  1. Directs, assists, performs or arranges (as needed) the required maintenance and repairs of all structures, utilities, and related LL facilities (includes greenhouse/nursery facilities, garden hardscape features, offices, residences, storage areas, alarm systems, swimming pool and fountains and related pumps, filtration and circulation systems etc.). Records all maintenance and repair procedures in the appropriate Maintenance Log.
  2. Directs, assists, performs or arranges (as needed) the required preventive maintenance and repairs of all grounds and facilities equipment (includes gas and electric powered small engine equipment, tractor, truck, electric and gas-powered utility vehicles, etc.) Records all maintenance and repair procedures in the appropriate Maintenance Log.
  3. Understand and works within a budget.
  4. Assists Director of Operations in information gathering and planning.
  5. Assists Director of Operations and administrative staff in the development of an annual facilities and equipment maintenance operating budget and an annually updated 5-year projected maintenance/replacement schedule for facilities and equipment.
  6. Assists the Director of Operations in preparing and managing a revolving 5-year plan to repair, replace or restore each facility.
  7. Monitors the immediate and long-term maintenance, repair, or replacement needs of all facilities on the Lotusland campus, and makes recommendations for repair or replacement as needed.
  8. Assists the Director of Operations on leading inspection and restoration of buildings after disasters.
  9. Directs set-up and take-down of meeting rooms, displays and events as outlined by the events staff. Prepare room environment such as lighting and temperature. Ensure that all decorations have been set properly and do not interfere with tours or damage the living and non-living collection or property. Maintain setting including vacuuming floors, cleaning walls, windows and mirrors as needed. Proper care, movement, storage of all equipment such as tables, chairs, risers etc.
  10. Supports outside contractors in the set-up and take-down of special events. Ensure that all decorations have been set properly and do not interfere with tours or damage the living collection or infrastructure.
  11. Assures equipment is in working order. Procures and stores spare parts, tools, safety equipment and other miscellaneous supplies.
  12. Responsible for scheduling the disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable trash and E-waste.
  13. Coordinate outside contractor for the interior cleaning and resupply of cleaning materials in all buildings.
  14. Maintains all facilities maintenance and storage areas in a clean, orderly, and organized manner, and coordinates storage with other Lotusland staff as they need it.


Personnel Management 

  • Works with the Director of Operations to develop scheduled employee performance evaluations.
  • Discusses, advises and recommends awards and commendations for outstanding performance by team members.
  • Recognizes the effect of interpersonal relations on team dynamics and mediates minor conflicts to improve working relations. Discusses employee issues with supervisor or Human Resources as needed and assists with resolution.
  • Apply standard principles of supervision (manage time efficiently, motivate others, communicate effectively, etc.).
  • Enforces and demonstrates standards of conduct and safety. Reports any violations to the supervisor.
  • Maintains regular contact with the Grounds Supervisor for coordination of equipment repair, maintenance and other facility and garden related items.
  • Set work priorities and schedule work projects for assistants, interns and volunteers and assign specific duties to facilities staff.
  • Reviews, approves and submits Leave of Absences Requests and Make Up Time Request Forms from Facilities and Equipment Maintenance Assistants with Director of Operations.
  • Demonstrates the safe and proper use of all tools, and trains and monitors safe and proper use of equipment by gardens and facilities staff.
  • Attends and provides relevant information at staff meetings on a regular or as needed basis to discuss, prioritize, plan and assign facilities and equipment maintenance schedules.
  • Works with Lotusland staff members and/or committee members to identify maintenance and construction projects, describe the scope of work, procure estimates, schedule work and monitor job performance as needed.
  • Coordinates with Lotusland staff, committee members, and contractors to provide support for set-up and breakdown for meetings, events, classes, exhibits, photo shoots, etc.
  • Works with appropriate and qualified contracts to receive competitive bids for any facilities related work that requires the skill, expertise or staffing of a contractor. Oversees all facilities-related contractors.




  • Encourages and coordinates cross training among garden and facilities staff to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Coordinates/provides required equipment safety and maintenance training for equipment and tools. Records training in the codes of conduct binder and submits a copy to human resources.
  • Oversee that the garden staff perform operator maintenance on equipment.
  • Schedule and attend CAL/OSHA seminars to keep Lotusland in compliance.
  • Schedule continued education opportunities to support the position at Lotusland.



  • A demonstrated and elevated level of experience and proficiency in managing an extensive complexity of historic buildings, facilities, infrastructure, utilities and all related facilities equipment, including the performance of maintenance, repairs, replacement and restoration.
  • A demonstrated and elevated level of proficiency in the performance of skills required to maintain and repair grounds and facilities equipment (includes gas and electric powered small engine equipment, tractor, truck, electric and gas-powered utility vehicles, pools and ponds etc.) with a minimum of two years’ experience in a similar maintenance position.
  • Five years of experience in managing a similar campus is required.
  • High school or GED required, college degree preferred.
  • Bi-lingual skills in Spanish and English preferred.
  • Must be able to follow both verbal and written instructions.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize daily work and instruct maintenance staff to complete work assigned.
  • Proficient knowledge of HVAC control and distribution systems.
  • Proficient knowledge of alarm systems.
  • Must be able to work in adverse weather and environmental conditions as well as uneven terrain.
  • Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds.
  • California driver license with a safe driving record are required.


Knowledge and Skills Abilities  

  • Must have previous experience with and knowledge of building and facilities management, maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Knowledge of historic buildings is desirable.
  • Ability to communicate via radio, phone/text and email.
  • Ability to communicate basic information in writing as well as understand written communication.
  • Basic computer skills with Microsoft Suite software and email applications.
  • Must have demonstrated skills and/or certificate, licensing in one or more of the following areas: hazardous material handling and application, heavy equipment operation, wildfire fuel management and regulations pertaining to buildings, and safe work practices.


To Apply:

Please send a complete application to be considered:

1) Your resume

2) Cover letter and

3) Three references with email contact information to:  HR@lotusland.org

For more information, visit www.lotusland.org


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