UCSB Arts & Lectures presents Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Celebrating 30 Years in Santa Barbara!

Two nights, two different programs:

Tuesday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 23rd

 at 7:30 p.m. pacific at the Arlington Theatre


  • UCSB Arts & Lectures presents Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour
  • Celebrating 30 Years in Santa Barbara!
  • Featuring the world’s best films and videos on mountain subjects, the tour awes viewers with thrills and grandeur captured in exotic locations the world over
  • An entirely different program of films screens each night
  • This presentation is part of the 2021-2022 CREATING HOPE programming initiative
  • Tuesday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 23rd / 7:30 p.m. Pacific / Arlington Theatre
  • $21.50 : General Public / $15 for UCSB Students (Current student ID required) / $15 for Youth (18 & under / Student ID required for high school age)
  • Health & Safety: Proof of full vaccination is required for all attendees. Proof of booster vaccination will be required for all eligible attendees beginning February 4, 2022. Masks are required indoors at all times. N95, KN95, KF94 or FFP2 face masks are strongly recommended. Regardless of the mask type, it is only effective if it is worn over your mouth and nose. Visit https://artsandlectures.ucsb.edu/SeasonFAQs/ for updates and further details.
  • Tickets/Info: (805) 893-3535, www.ArtsAndLectures.UCSB.edu; (805) 963-4408, www.AXS.com 
  • At-home viewing is not available for this event.
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UCSB Arts & Lectures (A&L) presents the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, Celebrating 30 Years in Santa Barbara on Tuesday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 23rd at 7:30 p.m. Pacific at the Arlington Theatre. This presentation is part of the 2021-2022 CREATING HOPE programming initiative.

Special Appearance by Roman Baratiak, A&L Associate Director Emeritus

A Santa Barbara institution, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is a perennial fan favorite. Featuring the world’s best films and videos on mountain subjects, the tour awes viewers with thrills and grandeur captured in exotic locations the world over. The show’s wide variety of film subjects – from extreme sports to mountain culture and environment – will amaze audiences. An entirely different program of films screens each night.

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Program: Tuesday, February 22nd 



(2020, Canada, 6:01 minutes)

Director: Colin Jones, Anthill Films; Producer: Darcy Wittenburg; Production Company: Anthill Films

Film Synopsis: Chicago-based bike messenger, Nico Deportago-Cabrera, sees city maps like a central nervous system. Everything’s connected. Roads and buses and people and cars, all carrying bits of information around a giant organism and making it live and breathe. ‘The point,’ he says, ‘is to never be in the way.



(2021, Canada, 11:59 minutes)

Director: Alexa Fay; Producer: Sophie Claivaz-Loranger; Production Company: La Boîte à Films     

Film Synopsis: Lysanne Richard is one of the world’s best international competition high divers. But the 39-year-old Canadian mother of three is ready to focus on personal projects of her own. First on the list is a 22-meter-high dive in the dead of winter over a frozen lake, a feat that has never been done. But will it be enough? Or will she try to make the challenge even more difficult? Watch as she continuously tries to push the limit further and explores her reasons why.



(2021, Austria, 48:50 minutes)

Director: Jonas Abenstein; Producer: Karin  Lechner; Production Company: NINE&ONE, Red Bull Media House             

Film Synopsis: A professional skier leaves his familiar world behind and spends close to a year in Iran. When military activity ramps up in January and Covid-19 hits in February of 2020 his journey takes a very different route. Learning Farsi and playing the Tanbur, he goes to explore the South of Iran with his new and old friends.



(2021, Austria, 10 minutes)

Director: Christoph Thoresen; Producer: Daniel Schiessl, Tobi Reindl; Production Company: Legs Of Steel, Red Bull Media House               

Film Synopsis: What if you could link every powder turn, every rail, every cliff drop, every comp run and every kicker nailed into one ultimate run? Well, Markus Eder did just that in ‘The Ultimate Run’!



(2020, USA, 13:34 minutes)

Director: Gerrit Vyn; Producer: Gerrit Vyn; Production Company: Conservation Media at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Film Synopsis: There has been pressure for nearly four decades to build a road through Alaska’s Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Gerrit Vyn explores the area to document its wildlife and wilderness, before it’s too late.



(2020, USA, 33:33 minutes)

Director: Lowell, Nick Rosen, Brett Lowell; Producer: Peter Mortimer; Production Company: REEL ROCK


Program:  Wednesday, February 23rd



(2021, Canada, 5:17 minutes)

Director: Darren McCullough; Producer: Darcy Wittenburg, Ian Dunn; Production Company: Anthill Films

 Film Synopsis: There’s something primal about the feeling of the forest floor under your paws and smelling a thousand different smells all at once. The freedom of the trail is what we long for.



(2020, USA, 13:54 minutes)

Director: Dawn Kish; Producer: John Tveten; Production Company: Dawn Kish Photo and Film LLC            

Film Synopsis: This film is a small vignette of Fretwater Boatworks, a very unique boat crafting shop that keeps the tradition of wooden dory building alive whilst honoring the dreams of Grand Canyon pioneer Martin Litton. These beautiful boats still represent advocacy toward wild places compromised and/or lost.



(2021, Canada, 46:56 minutes)

Director: Cassie De Colling; Producer: Mack Stannard, Hayley Morin;Production Company: KIDDO FILMS INC. 

Film Synopsis: Hailing from the remote village of Alert Bay, British Columbia snowboarder Spencer O’Brien dedicated her life to becoming a world champion. But, being driven to win came at a cost. Snowboarding at the elite level was taking Spencer further from her Indigenous heritage than she realized. Precious Leader Woman tells Spencer’s story from childhood to the world stage, to coming full circle to embrace her identity as she pushes forward bringing her heart and soul to her next challenge, the backcountry.



(2020, United States, 7:45 minutes)

Director: Andrew Herder; Producer: Jaime Cantarovici; Production Company: Poptop Productions                        

Film Synopsis: Jump To Zero is the story of 3 BASE jumpers changing the paradigm of human-powered access and female empowerment in action sports. Knowing that car and plane access have adverse environmental effects, they set out to discover how much they can reduce their impact while still enjoying the places they love and practicing the sports that bring them joy.



(2021, Austria, 11:18 minutes)

Director: Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger; Producer: Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger; Production Company: Lensecape Productions       

Film Synopsis: After an amazing ski tour at the Grand Ferrand massive in France, where you can ski through stunning rock caves, a few skiers decide to take it to the next level in a huge cave in Slovenia.   



(2020, USA, 15:55 minutes)

Director: Zachary Barr; Producer: Zachary Barr; Production Company: REEL ROCK              

Film Synopsis: French powerhouse Melissa Le Nevé spends seven years battling insane moves, inner doubt, and the burden of history to climb the most revered sport route on earth.



(2021, USA, 30:32 minutes)

Director: Jesse Roesler; Producer: James Mills, Jesse Roesler, Jen Larson Roesler; Production Company: Credo Nonfiction                

Film Synopsis: As Covid-19 surges amidst ongoing civil unrest, Emily Ford sets out with a borrowed sled dog named Diggins to become the first woman and person of color to thru-hike the 1900 km Ice Age Trail in winter. As the 69-day journey through subzero temperatures tests her physical and mental endurance, Emily and her canine protector develop an unbreakable bond as they embrace the unexpected kindness of strangers.  


Since 1976, the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival, a flagship program of Banff Centre, has been an industry leader in the celebration of Mountain Culture. Banff promote understanding and appreciation of the world’s mountain places by creating opportunities for people to share and find inspiration in mountain experiences, ideas, and visions. Following the festival each fall, our annual World Tour reaches more than 40 countries on 7 continents, making us the largest adventure film tour on the planet.

See A&L’s full 2022 lineup here

This is a moment that calls for Optimism, Resilience, Courage and Vision.

Santa Barbara needs Hope, and Arts & Lectures is uniquely positioned to respond.

A&L’s 2021-2022 CREATING HOPE programming initiative has already inspired our community with presentations by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, chef José Andrés and author Anne Lamott. We will continue to inspire, through shared experiences with thought leaders, creative problem solvers and arts visionaries who will guide us forward. CREATING HOPE programs strengthen human connection, promote emotional well-being, joy and compassion, and envision positive change. Learn more about the CREATING HOPE: https://artsandlectures.ucsb.edu/CreatingHope.aspx


Founded in 1959, UCSB Arts & Lectures (A&L) is the largest and most influential arts and lectures organization between Los Angeles and San Francisco. A&L annually presents more than a hundred public events, from critically acclaimed concerts and dance performances by world-renowned artists to talks by groundbreaking authors and film series at UCSB and Santa Barbara-area venues. With a mission to “educate, entertain and inspire,” A&L also oversees an outreach program that brings visiting artists and speakers into local classrooms and other venues for master classes, open rehearsals, discussions and more, serving K-12 students, college students and the general public.  


Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures.

This presentation is part of the 2021-2022 CREATING HOPE programming initiative.

$21.50 : General Public / $15 for UCSB Students (Current student ID required) / $15 for Youth (18 & under / Student ID required for high school age)

For tickets and more information, call UCSB Arts & Lectures at (805) 893-3535 or visit www.ArtsAndLectures.UCSB.edu.

Major Sponsor: Justin Brooks Fisher Foundation

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is presented by Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, Rab and Buff and sponsored by Deuter, Clif Bar & Company, Oboz Footwear, YETI, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Smartwool, Kicking Horse Coffee and The Lake Louise Ski Resort and Summer Gondola

UCSB Arts & Lectures gratefully acknowledges our Community Partners the Natalie Orfalea Foundation & Lou Buglioli for their generous support of the 2021-2022 season.

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