The Rona Barrett Foundation Elects Cynthia Manigault as Board of Trustees Chairperson

Photo of Cynthia Manigault, new Chairperson, Board of Trustees for the Rona Barrett Foundation Cynthia Manigault, Chairperson, Board of Trustees of the Rona Barrett Foundation

Cynthia Manigault has been elected Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Rona Barrett Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable housing and wellness services for the elderly poor. Manigault has served on the Board of Trustees since 2019. The announcement was made by Rona Barrett, CEO/President and founder of the Rona Barrett Foundation, at the organization’s January board meeting.

As a recently retired healthcare professional, Manigault has spent more than 40 years specializing in psychiatric nursing. Prior to her last position as nurse educator for psychiatry and addiction medicine at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, she held leadership roles at New York University and Columbia Presbyterian/Psychiatric Institute in New York City, as well as UCLA-Neuropsychiatric Institute in Los Angeles. Manigault also is CEO/owner of Manigault & Associates, LLC, a software development company with a focus on the healthcare industry.

The Board of Trustees members include Manigault, Jane Ayer, Foundation CEO/President Rona Barrett, Roger Battistone, Djamila Cabugos, Lisa Clement, M.D., Steve Reden and Susan Weber.

2021 marked the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Foundation’s Golden Inn & Village in Santa Barbara County, as a model community that can be replicated in communities around the country.

The Rona Barrett Foundation
The Rona Barrett Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing affordable housing and supportive services for seniors-in-need. We do this by developing, expanding, and continuing operation of care homes such as the Golden Inn & Village in Santa Ynez, California. Residents benefit from a wide range of essential care services. With dignity, respect and love, the Rona Barrett Foundation presents residents with a broad variety of programs that meets their needs and enhances their lives. Learn more at

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