People’s Self-Help Housing Receives California Housing Accelerator Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Central Coast, CA, March 24, 2021 – The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has announced more than $923 million in awards for affordable housing projects across California as part of the California Housing Accelerator.  The $1.75 billion investment will bring bridge funding to shovel-ready projects otherwise unable to start construction because of a shortage of federal tax credits and bonds. People’s Self-Help Housing (PSHH) was competitively selected to receive a portion of this funding, which will allow them to rehabilitate 65 existing units at Los Adobes de Maria I in Santa Maria.

“People’s is thrilled that our Los Adobes de Maria I property will receive an investment of $9,963,387 to preserve the affordable housing community for generations of farmworker families to come,” said Veronica Garcia, the Chief Real Estate Development Officer at PSHH. “Los Adobes de Maria I provides affordable housing as well as onsite education and enrichment services to create an environment where families can thrive.”

Los Adobes de Maria I, originally completed in 1995, is a United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Section 514 financed property that provides permanently affordable housing for farmworker households. In addition to the HCD Housing Accelerator Award, the Project received an award of HCD Joe Serna Jr Farmworker Housing Grant funds.  With both funding sources, the Project will be able to start construction without further delay.  This support from HCD will allow PSHH to provide much-needed updates to all 14 existing buildings and the entire campus, including extensive upgrades to improve accessibility, energy efficiency upgrades and complete renovations inside all units and common spaces including electrical, plumbing, appliances, cabinetry, doors, insulation, flooring, windows and painting. Improvements will also extend to the site including replacement of irrigation and landscaping, storm water system, trash enclosures, fencing, parking areas, site lighting signage and security systems.

“When we launched the California Housing Accelerator, we had clear objectives – eliminate the backlog of projects standing in long lines for tax credits and bonds, bring affordable housing to communities in need, and reduce the amount of time and money involved to make these homes available,” said HCD Director Gustavo Velasquez. “We are pleased to partner with People’s Self-Help Housing to accelerate this much needed housing.”

The residents at Los Adobes de Maria I already benefit from many amenities including a spacious community room, onsite property management, accessible laundry facilities, and after-school support through the Camino Scholars program. Outdoor facilities include a playground and a basketball court for families to enjoy. The site is located in the city of Santa Maria, with easy access to bus services, grocery stores, pharmacies, public schools, area parks, and the local library.

To learn more about this project and People’s Self-Help Housing, visit pshhc.org.

About People’s Self-Help Housing (PSHH)

With nearly 1,000 units of new housing in its pipeline and founded in 1970, PSHH is the longest-serving nonprofit affordable housing organization on the Central Coast. Our mission of building homes and providing services to strengthen communities and change lives, sees us serving low-income households, families, farmworkers, seniors, and veterans. We also provide welcoming environments for those living with disabilities, youth transitioning out of foster care, and the formerly homeless. Homeownership opportunities through a self-help, “sweat-equity” program have created over 1,200 homes and with a presence in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Monterey counties, PSHH manages over 2,000 rental units, and employs over 200 members of staff. PSHH acknowledges the indigenous people of the territories that our organization occupies, including the Chumash, Salinan, Yokuts, Kitanemuk, and Tataviam people. To read the full land acknowledgement, visit pshhc.org/IDEA. For more information about the organization, visit pshhc.org, email info@pshhc.org or phone (805) 781-3088


Media Contact: communications@pshhc.org, (805) 548-2340

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