People’s Self-Help Housing Receives $24,000 Grant from California Department of Justice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Central Coast CA, February 7, 2022 – People’s Self-Help Housing (PSHH) has received $24,000 from the California Department of Justice for the development of a new nutritional curriculum for students.

Funded through the California Office of the Attorney General and the Youth Beverage Consumer Education and Research Fund, the grant will give the organization the ability to develop culturally competent nutrition programming for PSHH students and to revise existing nutrition and physiology curriculum. PSHH will be working with Congressional-award winning trainer Alisa Daglio to develop and implement the program. Daglio comes with global experience and technical expertise in nutrition and aerobic exercise.

This funding will also provide each of PSHH’s learning centers in San Luis Obispo County with new, high-powered blenders to help students prepare their own smoothies and other fruit and vegetable-based recipes.  In addition, reusable water bottles and water filtration systems will benefit students and their families who will also participate in family cooking events, and household nutritional consultations.

The Youth Beverage Consumer Education and Research Fund gives state or local agencies, colleges or universities, and nonprofit organizations throughout California access to grants for study, research, or education concerning youth nutrition.  This cycle, $120,000 was awarded to support statewide research and education efforts.

“This funding offers a practical and powerful way to support our students,” said Joanna Dominguez, Director of Education. “Nutritional habits begin at an early age and this program will provide students with the knowledge and resources to build healthy practices into their futures!”

Camino Scholars, PSHH’s nationally recognized education program, has been serving hundreds of students this past year using a hybrid learning curriculum. During this time, students have shown marked gains in their reading skills and advancements in math – in some cases, improving by over 60%. Students have benefitted from small learning cohorts, supported by in-person instruction personalized to their individual needs, at specially developed Academic Support Centers.

To learn more about People’s Self-Help Housing and Camino Scholars visit pshhc.org.

About People’s Self-Help Housing (PSHH)

With nearly 1,000 units of new housing in its pipeline and founded in 1970, PSHH is the longest-serving nonprofit affordable housing organization on the Central Coast. Our mission of building homes and providing services to strengthen communities and change lives, sees us serving low-income households, families, farmworkers, seniors, and veterans. We also provide welcoming environments for those living with disabilities, youth transitioning out of foster care, and the formerly homeless. Homeownership opportunities through a self-help, “sweat-equity” program have created over 1,200 homes and with a presence in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Monterey counties, PSHH manages over 2,000 rental units, and employs over 200 members of staff. PSHH acknowledges the indigenous people of the territories that our organization occupies, including the Chumash, Salinan, Yokuts, Kitanemuk, and Tataviam people. To read the full land acknowledgement, visit pshhc.org/IDEA. For more information about the organization, visit pshhc.org, email info@pshhc.org or phone (805) 781-3088.


Media Contact: communications@pshhc.org, (805) 878-8328

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