Neon Night Art Show and Sale Combines Artistic Styles of Chris Gocong and Rod Lathim

Neon Night Art Show and Sale is a new art collaboration featuring the artistic styles of Santa Barbara locals Chris Gocong and Rod Lathim. This collaboration combines Gocong and Lathim’s use of neon, light and matter to create nontraditional art pieces. This will be the first of a series of collaborations between two artists in Santa Barbara.

Chris Gocong is a visual artist with a passion for capturing emotion through portraiture, figurative art and abstraction. His work is mainly inspired by the commonality of human emotion and consciousness.

He came to find art as a creative outlet and meditative practice after retiring from a career in the NFL.

“Our artistic collaboration has allowed me to remain true to my own style while artistically exploring and pushing boundaries. Neon is a medium that gives me the brightest, pure colors not found in paint, not to mention it breaks out of the box into the 3rd dimension. I believe the energy put into the execution of each piece is palpable to the viewer—it’s fitting that our show will be held at Commen Unity…a place meant to foster creativity and discourse within the community,” said Chris Gocong.

Rod Lathim’s art is an exploration of sculptures with neon and objects found. He uses diverse pieces that speak to him with the addition of neon light, which brings them back to reincarnated life. The inspiration for his art came to him at a pivotal time in his life – during the last weeks of life for his loving father, Reg Lathim. During the time he was with his father for his final days on the planet, the images for many of Lathim’s early works were delivered to him from his ancestors and muses.

“Although I had very little knowledge of neon light, I was drawn to it – or more accurately lead to it on a spiritual path. Each work I create is one-of-a-kind. I use real, ‘old school’ neon (glass tubes that are pumped with various gasses – neon, argon and krypton) – and I use colors not traditionally seen in neon pieces,” said Rod Lathim. “I enjoy creating pieces that evoke stories from viewers – or simply offer a taste of whimsy, color and light.”

The event will take place Saturday, October 9th from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at Commen Unity In the Funk Zone (223 Anacapa St. B Santa Barbara, CA 93101) and will feature music by DJShai, wine, beer and drinks, and an opportunity drawing that will give attendees a free chance to win local gift cards, men’s haircuts and even a unique art piece made by Chris Gocong. (No cost but must fill out contact info on arrival/winners do not need to be present). *In compliance with SB mask mandate and the safety of our community we ask that masks are worn indoors*

“Commen Unity is a creative collective that showcases different mediums of art and brings the people who utilize those mediums together. The intention is to spark dialogue through art and focus on the commonalities that unite us,” said Issac Gonzalez, Founder of Commen Unity.

Chris Gocong and Rod Lathim would like to give a special thanks to Abel Ramos with Compass for sponsoring the event.

To view Chris’s art, please visit:

To view Rod’s art, please visit:

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