MERITO Foundation Awarded Community Benefits Grant offered by Clean Power Alliance (CPA) and Calpine Energy Solutions

MERITO Foundation is proud to be one of the winners of the second annual Community Benefits Grant Program offered by Clean Power Alliance (CPA) and Calpine Energy Solutions.

MERITO was chosen because of our continued efforts to educate youth about energy efficiency and engaging disadvantaged communities to choose clean and renewable energy providers.  Funds will be used to train eight middle school and high school science teachers from Ventura Unified School District to instruct approximately 1,000 students in the use of ‘Energy Efficiency to Mitigate Climate Change and Ocean Acidification’ curriculum. The grant will also go towards implementation of the most cost-effective energy efficiency proposal presented at our annual EECCOA Challenge in May 2023.

The purpose of the grant is for non-profit organizations within CPA’s service territory receiving funding through Calpine Energy Solutions to advance clean energy initiatives in their communities. This year’s grants are being awarded to non-profits that advance environmental education; clean energy development in disadvantaged communities; green workforce development and renewable energy research and planning.

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