LEAP and Trinity Church of the Nazarene Partner to Address Urgent Child Care Needs in Lompoc

LEAP: Learn. Engage. Advocate. Partner.  a prominent child care service provider, is thrilled to announce the signing of a contract to establish a new child care center at Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Lompoc. This significant development takes us one step closer to meeting the growing demand for affordable and high quality child care services in the Lompoc community.

“LEAP is so excited to partner with Trinity Nazarene to open more child care spaces in Lompoc! By LEAPing into Lompoc, we are bringing our childcare expertise to where the greatest need is. We look forward to getting to know the Lompoc community in the coming years,” shared Lori Goodman, LEAP’s Executive Director

The urgent need for expanded child care for very young children is underscored by the Santa Barbara Child Care Planning Council, which reports that nearly six children require care for every available infant-toddler space. Not only is early child education important for the development of the child and their academic readiness when they enter formal schooling, but it enables parents to pursue employment or educational opportunities, contributing to the economic stability of families. Accessible and affordable child care is particularly important for single parents or families with two working parents.

“I am thrilled about our upcoming partnership with LEAP! Not only do they provide excellent child care in Santa Barbara, they also serve their community in a variety of tangible ways: diaper banks, food distributions, parenting classes, and more. LEAP’s leadership and staff all have a sincere heart for people. We are excited for them to bring that heart to Lompoc, and we look forward to partnering with them to serve our city. We pray that God will use this partnership to meet needs and strengthen families throughout our community,” said Trinity Church of the Nazarene Pastor Travis Caldeira.

LEAP is poised to take over the existing preschool space within Trinity Church of the Nazarene, with a commitment to opening the child care facility in late 2024. Currently, LEAP operates two Children Centers in Isla Vista and Goleta, providing affordable full-day, year-round child care for up to 134 children annually, ranging from 3 months to 5 years old. Their bilingual curriculum encompasses a wide range of age-appropriate activities that promote children’s physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language development. For the last 50 years, this nonprofit organization has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality child care and family support services to southern Santa Barbara County.

Taken as a whole, the organization helps children develop the skills they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond, and ensures that parents are able to work, attend school, access community resources, and build upon family strengths in order to end the cycle of poverty.

“While childcare is a critical need throughout our County, in Lompoc, where families often journey afar for work, LEAP’s presence will be a lifeline. Having witnessed LEAP’s invaluable work in Isla Vista, it’s clear that LEAP doesn’t just care for children; it serves entire families, wrapping them in the warm embrace of its nurturing umbrella. LEAP doesn’t just shape futures; it crafts resilient communities, one child, one family at a time,” said Third District County Supervisor Joan Hartmann.


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