Jodi House Receives $437,500 Grant from CA Department of Rehabilitation

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Jodi House Receives $437,500 Grant from CA Department of Rehabilitation

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., November 2, 2021 — Jodi House will expand online and language accessibility to its brain injury rehabilitation services with a $437,500 grant from the California Department of Rehabilitation.

“For 40 years, Jodi House has been helping brain injury survivors in the Tri-Counties reintegrate into our community at the highest level of functioning possible,” says Lindsey Black, Jodi House Executive Director. “We often receive requests for assistance from survivors and their families outside of the Tri-Counties who are unable to find a program like Jodi House in their communities. This grant will dramatically improve our ability to reach survivors and caregivers, regardless of geography, by expanding our online classes and services.”

Increasing accessibility to services for Spanish-speaking survivors is also a core component of this grant.

“Experiencing a brain injury can significantly impact the way people feel and express their emotions,” says Gabby Chambers, Jodi House Program Director. “Imagine experiencing these symptoms and having to describe them in a language that is not the one you primarily speak. We knew we needed to do more to support a diverse population of brain injury survivors and this grant provides the opportunity for us to do so.”

Under this grant, Jodi House will continue to build upon the online program platform it launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and will introduce Spanish-speaking support groups and classes in independent living skills.

To learn more, please visit www.jodihouse.org or call (805) 563-2882.

About Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center

Jodi Wustman’s family founded Jodi House in 1982 after Jodi sustained a traumatic brain injury upon being hit by a drunk driver. Jodi’s family, alongside the families of other brain injury survivors, were successful in creating a resource and support network for adults with brain injuries where none had existed before. After 40 years, the mission of Jodi House remains the same: to empower brain injury survivors to not merely survive but thrive.

Jodi House’s programs are supportive and community-based, consisting of structured activities that facilitate community reintegration. They have proven effective in establishing independence for survivors, helping them obtain meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities, and supporting them as they and their families recover, reconnect, and move forward together within our community.



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