Hutton Parker Foundation – General Operating Support Cycles Update

The Hutton Parker Foundation has updated their organization classifications for the upcoming general operating support grant cycles. You can see the new outline for cycles and classifications on their website: https://huttonfoundation.org/core-general-operating-support-application/

Cycle I: Health & Human Services and Education organizations (application cycle April 8th – April 12th, 2024)

Cycle II: Arts & Culture and Civic & Community organizations (application cycle September 9th – September 13th, 2024)


-They have moved from 5 classifications to 4 classifications. While they have reduced the number of classifications, they have not removed any organizations that they would accept applications from. Rather, they have reworked the language and collapsed focuses into more closely aligned classifications. It is their hope this will clarify for each organization where they fit and should apply.

-They moved around the classifications for each cycle. Education is now in Cycle I versus Cycle II and Arts & Culture is now in Cycle II versus Cycle I.

The 2024 application will be live on their website shortly. It will be very similar to the 2023 application.

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