Hutton Parker Foundation Embraces Next Generation Leadership

Board Announces 2022-23 Officers & Responsibilities

Hutton Foundation (dba Hutton Parker Foundation) recently held its annual meeting of Board and Directors.  A primary point of discussion included integration of the Foundation’s next generation leadership.  The following 2022-23 Slate of Officers has been approved, which in essence, has launched Hutton Parker Foundation’s plans for next generation leadership.

Thomas Parker, the co-founder and long-time CEO of the Foundation has been named President Emeritus.  In this new role, Tom will step back from day-to day operations and assume a more ambassadorial and advisory role representing the Foundation throughout the community and working with all other Board members to continue to help guide the Foundation.

Susan Parker has been named Executive Vice President, Grants & Distribution.  In this role, Susan will oversee and direct all Foundation distribution programs.  Annual distribution allocations, areas of primary interest and funding priorities will be determined by Susan and approved by the Foundation’s Executive Committee.

Jess Parker has been named Vice President, Finance responsible for oversite, management, and expansion of the Foundation’s equity and investments portfolio.  Jess will work with a local financial management company to satisfy day-to -day operational needs.  In addition he will maintain relationships with current and new financial advisors to develop short and long term investment strategies for the Foundation.

Christopher Parker has been named Vice President, Real Estate for the Foundation.  In this role and working with a local property management company, Chris oversees and manages the Foundation’s current real estate portfolio. He and his team respond to all tenant needs, property improvements, maintenance and repairs.

Charles Slosser, a long time Hutton Foundation Board member will remain as Secretary.  And, Sam Tyler, another long time Board member will also remain as a Member at Large.


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