Friendship Center Announces Respite Grant

The Friendship Center is excited to announce a respite grant opportunity.
This grant is intended to help caregivers focus on self-care, take a break,
or just get away for a weekend.
If you provide services to a person with dementia, are a long term resident
of the Tri Counties, need help with funding respite services, and the care
recipient has, or is in the process of applying for Medi-Cal then you may
qualify for this grant opportunity. The person must also be considered to
have low resources and/or be able to demonstrate challenges or barriers
to receiving care.
If you would like further information please contact the Friendship Center
at 805-969-0859.
You can also contact:
Rachel Graef programmanager@friendshipcentersb.org
Amy West amy@friendshipcentersb.org
Rachel and Amy can answer your questions and provide more
information. If you meet the qualifications then we will send you a grant
application. The grant committee will then set up an interview and review
your application.
We appreciate your interest,
The Friendship Center
89 Eucalyptus Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Respite Care Grant Flyer


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