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MA in Organization Development & Leadership Program


Fielding Graduate University is Seeking Non-profits in Need of Help

As part of the capstone project for Fielding’s Master’s in Organization Development and Leadership (MA-OD&L) program, Fielding seeks non-profit organizations that would like free consulting. Our students will be working on real projects for their capstone, and your organization could benefit.

About the program:

Featuring an accelerated curriculum, this one-year, remote-learning MA in Organization Development and Leadership (MA-OD&L) program equips students with the leadership and organization development skills needed to address contemporary challenges and prepare them to be transformative change agents.

About the students:

The students in the MA-OD&L program are mid-career professionals, some with many years of organization development (OD) experience while others are just beginning to learn OD. The students hold positions in senior leadership, human resources, training and development, organization development, and independent consultants. The students have a broad knowledge of all levels and sizes of organizations, including technology, health care, government, and non-profit sectors. All the students are highly motivated individuals and can bring a wealth of experience on organizational issues.

Types of projects:

Due to the program’s design, the capstone project should last seven weeks. All tasks will be performed virtually, or in the rare case where a student resides near the organization, it may be conducted on-site.

Types of projects include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Organization design/redesign
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Leadership development design
  • Change management
  • Team development and team building
  • Action Research
  • And more!


If you are interested, please complete this brief Capstone Client Interest Form. After that, a faculty member will contact you to discuss the project’s scope you would like help on. Once the project’s scope has been agreed upon, arrangements will be made for the student(s) to meet with you or a representative of your organization to develop the agreement and create the plan. You will then work with the student(s) to gather data if needed, propose an intervention or process, and if time permits and appropriate to perform virtually, execute the intervention or process. After the engagement, you will be asked to give feedback by answering a few simple questions. The faculty will mentor students during the entire project providing you with the benefit of not only a highly skilled graduate professional, but also a seasoned Organization Development professional.

For more information, please contact Jarrod Schwartz at jschwartz@equitypraxis.com.

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