DignityNOW $19 Million Capital Campaign Aims to Close Santa Barbara County’s Homeless Housing Gap

Santa Barbara County, April 3, 2023 —DignityMoves, an innovative and successful homeless non-profit that builds Interim Supportive Housing Villages with modular construction announced an ambitious plan to significantly reduce homelessness in Santa Barbara County. The DignityNow Capital Campaign has already raised $10 million of the $19 million it seeks to support four new villages with 300 additional rooms across the county. DignityMoves has partnered with the county to provide land and funding for social services for the villages.

Homelessness is a devastating issue that affects everyone in the country. In Santa Barbara County alone, over the course of a year, approximately 3500 people will experience homelessness.  This is a heartbreaking situation that demands immediate action and that is precisely where DignityMoves comes in.

DignityMoves Interim Supportive Housing Communities are places where people can come in from encampments, along the freeways, riverbeds, and streets to stabilize and begin a path toward healing and self-sufficiency. Each resident has their own private room with a door that locks, AC/heat, a desk, Wi-Fi, onsite bathrooms and showers, laundry facilities and three meals a day. Residents can also bring their belongings, partners, and pets.

One of the more significant advantages of the DignityMoves model is its mobility. By taking services directly to those in need, the program can reach individuals who might otherwise be unable or unwilling to access traditional congregate shelters and support services. This approach has proven highly effective, with DignityMoves achieving an impressive success rate in connecting individuals with housing health care and employment.

DignityMoves is a unique program that offers a comprehensive range of services to the homeless, including housing, employment resources, medical and mental health care, and substance abuse support. The program is staffed by teams of highly trained professionals dedicated to helping the homeless in Santa Barbara County regain their dignity and rebuild their lives. Each DignityMoves resident has their own case manager.

The first housing site in Santa Barbara County, Santa Barbara Street Village, was completed last year and of the 34 homeless residents, 8 have become employed and 9 have transitioned to more permanent stable housing.  Residents transitioning out of the DignityMoves Villages create space for additional homeless people to more in. Also, because the DignityMoves modular model is exempt from the regulatory and permitting process facing most construction projects, the Santa Barbara Street Village was completed in only 9 months.

The second property, Hope Village in Santa Maria, is currently in development and will have 94 rooms which include housing for Transitional Age Youth (those between the ages of 18-24, many of whom are leaving the foster care system) Hope Village will also collaborate with Dignity Health’s Marian Regional Medical Center and 30 of the rooms will provide recuperative/respite care, allowing individuals experiencing homelessness to have a safe place recover. Ten rooms will be for veterans and the remaining 44 for unsheltered individuals and couples. DignityMoves anticipates three additional Dignity Moves Village locations in the Santa Barbara/Goleta later this year.

Partnerships are Key to the Success of DignityMoves. Good Samaritan Shelter plays a critical role in the Santa Barbara Street Village as they provide onsite case management, connect clients to other local resources including mental health care, addiction services, SSI and other benefits, job placements and works tirelessly to help clients find their way back to stable housing. Other partners include Dignity Health, SB ACT, Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, County of Santa Barbara Public Health, County of Santa Barbra Behavior Health, and the County of Santa Barbara Public Defenders Office.

The DignityNOW Capital Campaign needs your help. DignityMoves cannot succeed without community and financial support. As a nonprofit organization, the program relies on the generosity of donors to continue to provide essential services to those who need them most. With your support, you will be participating in a cutting-edge and proven model to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the homeless population in Santa Barbara County.

As a demonstration of community support, DignityMoves offers naming and sponsorship opportunities at each of our sites. Rooms available for “naming” include kitchen/dining area, office spaces, computer labs, outdoor patios, and gardens. These sponsorships typically range from $10,000-$1,000,000 and include a permanent plaque with your name/group name and acknowledgement at events and DignityMoves literature. Please contact Jack Lorenz at (310) 266-0502 or for any sponsorship or support-related questions or visit

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  • As soon as they start hiring people who do not abuse their tenants with unconstitutional rules and hires people who don’t abuse the people who in then I might help.

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