Building Community Cohesiveness: AHA! and Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. Join Forces to Elevate Santa Barbara’s Youth

Santa Barbara, CA—January 10, 2024 – In a remarkable partnership that bridges the worlds of business and nonprofits, AHA! and Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. are excited to announce a collaboration that seeks to make a positive impact on the community. The announcement takes center stage at a showcase of their social-emotional education platform, set to unfold at a collaborative Community Event on January 27th, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, at the Plaza Vera Cruz in Santa Barbara. This event serves as a beacon for community cohesiveness and promises to raise awareness for their shared missions of promoting Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) through thrilling activities on the flying trapeze!

Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. (SBTC), founded in 2019, has emerged as an innovator in the world of trapeze. Beyond teaching the art of flight, they have championed the significance of physical and mental well-being, the strength that comes from a tight-knit community, and the immeasurable value of personal growth within this unique art/sport form. This collaboration with AHA!, leaders in social-emotional education for teenagers and youth care providers since 1999, is a testament to the power of combining business and nonprofit efforts for the greater good. Education, trust, communication, inclusivity, breaking barriers, and community building are shared values that unite these partners. AHA!’s five pillars of mindfulness, awareness, connection, empathy, and resilience are seamlessly woven into the fabric of SBTC’s mission.

The enchanting park space where this transformational journey unfolds is the fruit of SBTC’s long-standing partnership with the Parks and Recreation of Santa Barbara. This partnership has provided the essential foundation for SBTC to extend its reach to a diverse array of schools and specialty programs, offering camps, after-school sessions, parkour, trampoline, and aerial arts.

AHA! and SBTC have partnered throughout the month of January to facilitate weekly fly sessions for the teens and staff from AHA!, providing the opportunity to challenge themselves both physically and mentally, to get out of their heads and into their bodies, and acquire new acrobatic skills. The partnership will culminate in a trapeze showcase performed by the AHA! teens at the Community Event on January 27th!

This event warmly welcomes all participants as special guests. Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a day of learning, soaring through the sky, savoring delectable tacos, engaging with intriguing individuals, and discovering more about what AHA! and SBTC bring to the Santa Barbara community. It’s an experiential journey in search of one’s best self, driven by the shared vision of these exceptional partners.

Event Details

Event Name: Building Community Cohesiveness: AHA! & Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. Collaboration

Date: January 27th, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Plaza Vera Cruz, Santa Barbara

Joining Hands for a Brighter Future:

This partnership symbolizes the incredible possibilities that emerge when businesses and nonprofits unite for a common cause. By investing in Santa Barbara’s youth, AHA! and SBTC are cultivating a more cohesive and empowered community.

About AHA!

AHA! has been a guiding light in the realm of social-emotional education for over two decades, empowering teenagers and youth care providers with tools for personal growth and community transformation. Their commitment revolves around mindfulness, awareness, connection, empathy, and resilience.

About Santa Barbara Trapeze Co.

Founded in 2019, Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. is more than a trapeze school; it’s a haven for physical and mental well-being, community building, and personal growth. Their programs inspire individuals to discover their full potential by challenging them to step out of their comfort zones in fun and exciting ways which fosters grit and resilience.

About Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation

Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation is an essential partner in creating enriching community environments. Their unwavering support empowers organizations like SBTC to provide transformative experiences for the community.

For media inquiries, please contact Shane Weaver at or (513) 907-2296. To learn more about SB Trapeze Co., visit Explore AHA! and their mission at or contact Senior Director of Development, Molly Green Connect with Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation at

Join us on January 27th 3 – 5pm for a day that celebrates the power of unity and the promise of a brighter future for Santa Barbara’s youth. Together, we are building a stronger and more cohesive community.

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