AHA! Welcomes New Director of Community Engagement

The AHA! team is pleased to welcome René García-Hernández (Él/He/Him) as the new Director of Community Engagement. René’s more than ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector includes leadership roles in local and national organizations. René is a community  leader in the nonprofit sector, where he serves in multiple roles as Executive Director of the Arts Mentorship Program and primary consultant for Bienestar Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting. In addition, René proudly brings his expertise in program development, strategic operations, and DEIAJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Justice) praxis to multiple boards, including the boards of Adelante Charter School, Immigration Legal Defense Center of Santa Barbara, and Santa Barbara Marching Arts. René holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Channel Islands University and has taught Leadership Development and Wellness at the college level. Apart from his commitment to community engagement, involvement, and relations, René likes to dance, spend time with family, and treat himself to delicious dinners.

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