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We are seeking a part-time Operations Assistant to join our Operations team as part of our Finance and Administration department. This position reports directly to our Operations Supervisor and is based in our Santa Barbara office.

Please review our Job Description below, before applying.  

All applicants must submit a professional resume, cover letter and completed copy of our employment application, in order to be considered. We encourage submission by or before Friday, April 12, 2024.

Key aspects of this position: 

  • Part-time with hours varying week to week 
  • We are seeking to hire more than one person for this role. For example: 
  • Project-based physical labor.  
  • Covering for our Receptionist. 
  • Generally handy-person and event support.

Position Summary:
The Operations Assistant provides support for various operational tasks on an as-needed basis, primarily comprised of physical labor. This role involves sporadic assignments throughout each month, ranging from short-term projects lasting a few hours to longer assignments spanning multiple days. The successful candidate will be able to assist with general manual labor, contributing to the overall efficiency of SBF’s operational processes and event needs. Additionally, the Assistant may cover the Receptionist duties and fill in when necessary. This may include full eight-hour days, consecutively, to cover while the Receptionist is out of the office.

Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Undertake various general manual labor tasks as assigned to support daily operations and event set up and break down.
  • Specifically: 
    • Assist in moving and arranging furniture, equipment, or materials for events, relocations, or operational purposes. 
    • Perform basic repairs and maintenance activities under the guidance of the Operations management. 
  • Participate in cleaning and maintaining a clean, organized, and safe working environment. 
  • Collaborate with the Operations team to execute tasks efficiently and meet project requirements. 
  • Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a secure working environment. 
  • Respond promptly to ad-hoc requests and communicate effectively with team members. 
  • Report any issues, damages, or necessary repairs to the Operations management. 
  • Utilize tools and equipment responsibly, ensuring proper use and maintenance. 
  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Operations Supervisor. 
  • Keep Outlook calendar populated as per SBF standard. 

Front Office duties if covering for Receptionist: 

  • Maintain the reception area to ensure effective and professional telephone and mail communications. 
  • Sort mail in a timely manner, along with another designated staff to ensure time sensitive and confidential mail arrives to the correct recipient.  
  • Field phone calls and inquiries and direct them to the appropriate party. 
  • Maintain general knowledge about workflow in other departments to assist in the support of troubleshooting with callers.  
  • Greet guests promptly and courteously. Coordinate and stay up to date with the Executive Assistant and Board Liaison regarding support needed in welcoming President and CEO’s visitors. 
  • Maintain phone and voicemail systems. Check messages and field to applicable staff. Take the first step in gathering more information from external callers to route them to the appropriate person. 
  • Monitor FedEx and UPS pick-up and delivery. 
  • Monitor postage meter and maintain adequate postage and ink in meter. 
  • Monitor fax machine and deliver incoming faxes in a timely manner.  
  • Provide excellent internal customer service to fellow colleagues. This may include helping them find office supplies in one of SBF’s copy areas, supplemental items for their office (tissue, vase etc.), items in the kitchen, first aid etc. and relaying actionable items/requests to the Supervisor. 
  • Regularly monitor conference room and hotel workstation calendars in coordination with the Monday.com form requests.  
  • Maintain staff birthday and SBF holiday calendar reminders, adding and removing staff to reflect changes in the organization.  
  • Share the Staff Celebration list by the first business day of each month and process and track monthly Tango card distributions. 
  • In coordination with the Operations Supervisor, contribute support in event set-up. Set up water, coffee, tea, plates, napkins and utensils upon request when events call for it.  
  • Other assistance may include placing pens, collateral items and organizing non-bulky items in a conference room prior to meetings. 
  • May serve as the primary person during clean-up after an event and/or support the Supervisor or corresponding team post-event. 
  • Ensure that the correct signage is placed in their designated areas and removed both before and after the event. 
  • Possess fundamental understanding of the technical setup in the conference rooms. 
  • Order and maintain inventory levels for office, kitchen and bathroom supplies. 
  • This includes the SB location, Floors 1 and 2. 
  • Aim to unify personal care products and snacks on both Floors, during 2024. 
  • Ensure kitchen and common areas are clean and free of clutter at the close of business each day. This may include washing dishes and light cleaning after meetings or event breakdowns. Work with Supervisor to determine when extra cleaning support is needed. 
  • Perform opening and closing duties, often as the only staff person in the office in the a.m., including locking and unlocking doors as well as setting and disarming the building alarm. 
  • Ensure that coffee is brewed every morning and replenished as needed throughout the day. 
  • Under the direction of the Supervisor, update all staff on building maintenance and parking issues for planning and safety purposes. 
  • Receive a variety of vendors and direct them to their designated area to work or for inspection. Take notes and relay important information to the Supervisor. 
  • Attend Operations Monthly meetings and share input as to how to improve Ops practices and processes at SBF. 
  • On an as-needed basis, provide backup support to the Donor Relations team by assisting with various tasks, including but not limited to creating badges, printing tent cards, assembling badges, and wrapping gifts. 
  • Proof documents for various teams, including Human Resources, Investments, and others. 
  • Assist with Operations Department tasks as requested. 
  • Assist with other departments’ tasks, as requested and approved by the Operations Supervisor. 
  • Other duties as assigned.

Essential Requirements: 

  • High school diploma or equivalent. 
  • Some college preferred. 
  • Friendly, pleasant attitude and ability to interact successfully with a wide range of people from varying backgrounds. 
  • Previous experience with general manual labor or operations support that includes physical labor. 
  • Ability to adapt to a flexible and sporadic work schedule with potential work shifts up until 8 p.m. 
  • Physically capable of regularly lifting heavy objects and performing various physically demanding tasks.  
  • Solid visual, mental and physical acuity. 
  • Basic knowledge of tools and equipment used in operations and maintenance. 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with a teamwork-oriented approach. 
  • Ability to follow instructions and work independently as required. 
  • Punctuality and reliability are critical.  
  • Basic computer skills and familiarity with MS 365 strongly preferred. 
  • Good writing skills are strongly preferred. 
  • Clean driving record and ability to pass background check. 
  • Ability to work early hours before office opening and after hours (post-5 p.m.) 

Work Environment:  

  • General office environment, with intermittent travel between locations. 
  • Open office environment. 
  • Pets on premises regularly. See our Pet Policy for more information. 
  • Significant telephone and computer work (repetitive movement – typing). 
  • Frequent sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, bending and lifting heavy or awkward loads 100 lbs. plus. 
  • The position will involve physically demanding tasks and requires the ability to lift and carry heavy items. 
  • Work may occur indoors and outdoors, depending on the nature of the assignments at either of our two Santa Barbara facilities. 
  • Intermittent driving around the county. 


This is a part-time, non-benefitted role. Nonexempt $25-$28 per hour, depending on skills and experience.     


All applicants are required to submit an employment application, a resume and cover letter to hr@sbfoundation.org.



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