Direct Support Professional – South County Programs

South Santa Barbara County
Santa Barbara, CA.
Full Time
Momentum WORK, Inc.

TITLE: Direct Support Staff – DSS
Immediate Supervisor: Community Living Specialist
Supervision Exercised: Person-Served/Service Coordination

Responsible for establishing effective relationships with assigned people served to enable and
assist people served to make decisions and engage in activities resulting in the achievement and
maintenance of their maximum level of independence and effectiveness in all activities at home
and in the community. Responsible for respecting and promoting the individual rights of people
served including promoting and maintaining the dignity of each person receiving services. Provides support to people served in their homes and in the community by providing training and assistance with personal care and housekeeping, communication, supervision, companionship, behavioral support, and other duties as deemed necessary by the person served, the Community Living Specialist, and the management team. Assists people served to meet their goals as identified in their Individual Service Plans. Direct Support Staff (DSS) must be able to work effectively as a member of a team or network, as well as independently. The actual responsibilities of each Direct Support Staff (DSS) in relation to each assigned person served are individually determined based upon the needs and interests of each person served. Service responsibilities to people served are of primary concern and this may require adjustments in Direct Support Staff (DSS) schedules, hours of work, and days of work as necessary to respond to the needs of people served, staffing needs, and other legitimate business needs as Momentum WORK Inc. deems appropriate.

Service Provision
1. Assists people served in achieving personal, behavioral, educational, or vocational
goals as identified in the Individual Service Plan (ISP) and the Individual Program Plan
2. Assists people served to maintain their personal appearance, personal hygiene, and
health at the highest possible level by providing support in all areas of personal care
as required including; but, not limited to providing training and assistance in grooming,
bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, toileting, transfers, meal preparation, and eating.
3. Assists people served with household duties and to maintain their residence in a clean,
orderly, and safe manner including; but, not limited to providing training and assistance
in housecleaning, housekeeping, laundry, meal planning and preparation, and
4. Assists people served to access their community including, but not limited to providing
training and assistance in locating and accessing community venues for business,
social, and recreational purposes.
5. Assists people served to monitor and maintain their health including but not limited to
providing training and assistance with medication management and administration,
attending medical appointments, following dietary guidelines, following physician
recommendations, following health-related protocols, monitoring overall health status,
reporting concerns or changes in health status, seeking urgent or emergency
treatment as needed.
6. Ensures the safety and well-being of the people served at all times at home and in the
7. Ensures the financial resources of the people served are used solely for the benefit of
the individual person served and assists people served to safeguard financial
resources at all times.
8. Communicates effectively with other team members including the Community Living
Specialist, program management, other professionals, and the family members and
friends of the person served.
9. Promotes self-advocacy.
10. Assists with training new staff as assigned.
11. Responds to emergencies as required.
12. Participates in scheduled support team meetings.
13. Attends agency in-service trainings.
14. Performs other duties as assigned to meet department and/or business needs.

Developing and Maintaining Effective Relationships and Communication
1. Maintains a level of personal conduct in working with people served which will promote
a friendly, comfortable, safe atmosphere where people served may progress socially,
emotionally, and physically.
2. Respects and promotes the individual rights of people served at all times including
maintaining the dignity and privacy of each person.
3. Demonstrates a dedication to the empowerment of people served by providing
decision-making opportunities in all aspects of daily living.
4. Maintains professional boundaries between people served, families, and other
employees at all times.
5. Refrains from gossiping about people served, families, and other employees.
6. Maintains the confidentiality of people served in all aspects of service provision.
7. Reports all special incidents, unusual occurrences, and observations to supervisors

Record Maintenance and Documentation
1. Assists in the preparation of incident reports as required.
2. Completes all required documentation including; but, not limited to general logs,
financial logs, medication administration records, and progress notes/flow charts as
3. Completes all payroll related functions including; but, not limited to recording/reporting
hours worked, requesting time off, and reporting late arrivals and scheduled changes
as required.
4. Successfully accesses electronic communication including; but, not limited to
electronic person served records, online payroll processes, and online schedules.

• Ability to stand, sit for long periods of time
• Ability to go up and down stairs
• Ability to speak, read, hear, and understand technical written material
• The employee is frequently required to climb, stoop, twist, or bend and lift up to fifty (50)
pounds, using proper body mechanics to minimize injuries to self and people served.
• Full awareness of environmental stimuli
• Ability to implement Crisis Management, Safety & ProAct techniques
• Ability to demonstrate patience and understanding because people served may have
intellectual, emotional, or behavioral challenges, in addition to physical limitations.

1. Sufficient reading, writing, and communication skills in English to perform essential duties
and responsibilities.
2. Ability to follow directions, both written and oral in English.
3. Interest and concern for people with developmental disabilities and possess sufficient
patience and understanding to accommodate their special needs.
4. Ability to set priorities, perform job duties in an orderly fashion, and complete job duties
effectively and efficiently.
5. Reliable, responsible, trustworthy, cooperative, punctual, and enthusiastic about
performing a job to the best of their ability.
6. Ability to use sound judgment and analytical skills to effectively solve problems and
consistently choose courses of action which result in beneficial outcomes to the people
served and the agency.
7. Ability to demonstrate a positive outlook that is open and supportive of others and the
8. Ability to act as a role model and a “team player” and to work cooperatively with others to
establish positive working relationships.
9. Ability to resolve interpersonal conflict and avoid being judgmental and critical in situations
that challenge your personal belief system while maintaining the dignity and respect of all
parties involved.
10. Ability to maintain confidentiality related to records of all employees and people served
and information as required by regulation and Momentum WORK Inc. policies.
11. Sufficiently stable in personal health to maintain adequate attendance and perform tasks
12. Possess good observation skills and the ability to communicate observations in verbal and
written form.
13. Serve as a mentor and coach to individuals. Provide guidance and direction while being a
positive role model to the individual.
14. Exhibit flexibility to changing situations and be able to adapt as necessary to allow for
unplanned events and re-prioritize work, as necessary.
15. Must have or be able to learn the technical skills necessary to access electronic
communication including but not limited to electronic person served record, online payroll
processes, and online schedules.
16. Knows, follows, and upholds Momentum WORK Inc.’s policies and procedures.
17. Knowledge, understanding, and support of the principles of Supported Living Services and
Person-Centered Planning.
18. Knowledge and understanding of the Lanterman Act and Title 17 as it relates to Supported
Living Services.

Note: At the discretion of the Personnel Officer, additional related experience and/or education may be substituted or waived in lieu of the requirements specified above under “Education and Experience.”

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