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Little Village is a 501c3 nonprofit record company that seeks to shine the light of awareness on musicians who might not otherwise be heard and in doing so further the belief that a life filled with diverse music builds empathy making for stronger communities and a better world.

The ideal Development professional for us is someone who values the flexibility of a mostly remote position, and is looking to add 10 – 15 hours per month, on average, to their schedule.

Little Village has one fulltime employee, which is the Executive Director. Other employees include a part time CFO/COO, a part time Social Media and Communications position, and a part time Development Assistant position. The Development Assistant position is being converted to this Development Manager role.

This position reports directly to the CFO/COO and works closely with the Executive Director

Little Village was founded in 2015, and implemented the use of Bloomerang for tracking of donor relationships in early 2023. Our organizational budget for 2024 is ~ $380,000, and our plans are to double that in the next 3 years. To be successful, we are seeking a development professional that will take over donor relationship tracking and management, as well as implement procedures that can scale and ensure we are incorporating industry best practices. Though we are using Bloomerang, we are not currently taking advantage of all of the tools and techniques that it is designed to offer.

The primary responsibility of this position is donor tracking and relationship management. For Little Village that includes maintaining the donor database, supporting our ED in acknowledging and thanking donors, and working proactively and independently to ensure timely reporting and updates. Key to this is using our data from past and potential donors to keep our ED informed and engaging with donors and prospective donors regularly and timely.

Little Village currently has one or two small house concert events, and one or two other musical events each year. As events are an opportunity to grow awareness and donors, the Development Manager will set goals, lead and help execute the non-artistic aspect of these events. This includes leading Development Committee meetings and leveraging these volunteers. The Development Committee comes together primarily for one or two events per year.

Besides the individual communications that happen throughout the year, there is currently a regular newsletter that goes out between 1-3 times per month that is coordinated by our Communications staff person, and an annual appeal email campaign. The annual email campaign is to be coordinated by this position.

As our mission is quite unique, and not specific to a specific community, we have found through experience that sending LOI’s and applying for grants is not effective. However, we are periodically invited to apply for between 1-3 grants per year. The Development Manager will be responsible for ensuring timely application submissions and reporting, and coordinating input from the ED and CFO/COO

In general, tasks include:

  • Ensure email and mailing lists are updated and accurate
  • Ensuring that as much information as possible on each donor relationship is maintained in our database.
  • Provide reporting for the ED to ensure he is making timely connections with donors and potential donors.
  • Prepare and send acknowledgement letters to express our gratitude and provide documentation of donations for tax purposes
  • Lead and provide staff support for periodic Development Committee meetings.
  • Contribute to discussions on effective ways to enhance donor relationships.
  • Contribute to discussions on fundraising strategies. As strategies are put into place, take the lead to ensure successful execution. This will sometimes be managing input from multiple Development Committee members, or coordinating the artwork and printing of materials.
  • Maintain a grant application and reporting calendar.
  • Ensure that our major donor list is current on our website.
  • Lead development activities at events, which are typically in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Provide both regular and as-needed reporting on development and fundraising.



  • At least 3 years of nonprofit development experience
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and proactively
  • Proficient with development databases, Bloomerang experience a plus.
  • Part-time hourly work fits into long-term personal goals.
  • Must be available during regular workday, and some evenings quarterly for committee meetings.
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills


  • College graduate
  • Bloomerang database experience
  • Music industry experience and a passion for our mission

Part time, 10 – 15 hours per month, average

Hourly, $30 – $40 per hour, DOE

To apply

Please send us your resume, cover letter to

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