Collaboration Consultant

Santa Barbara
Part Time, Temporary, Remote
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County


Healthy Farmworkers Boundless Collaboration 

Food Share Ventura County and Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

FY24 Collaboration Consultant Scope of Work



Aug 15, 2023 – Jun 30, 2024 with the right to extend or alter upon mutual understanding. 


  1. Project Management

The collaboration consultant will guide all aspects of the bimonthly collaboration meetings over the course of 10 months. 

Administrative duties include coordinating schedules, setting meetings and calendar invitations, Zoom management, etc. 

Management responsibilities include the establishment of project and deliverable timelines, managing resources on the shared Google Drive, creating agendas, recording notes and providing accountability towards deliverables. Accountability may include assigning tasks and follow-up, providing guidance and professional perspective and introducing an accessible tool for tracking progress.

2. Resource and Consultant Research

The consultant will conduct outside research to assist the team in identifying consultants with specialized skills or expertise to meet project needs or specific deliverables. Research may include providing templates for use, data and statistics, reports, etc. 

3. Reporting

The consultant will lead the team in generating a grant report by June 30, 2024 and will assist with compiling data or narratives for fundraising efforts or additional grant reports as needed. The consultant will provide critical review of the data and reports for completeness, language use and gaps in information.

Budget information provided upon request.

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