Brighter Futures Childcare Initiative Coordinator

South Santa Barbara County
Santa Barbara
Part Time, Temporary
United Way of Santa Barbara County

Position Overview: Brighter Futures Childcare Initiative Manager

United Way’s Brighter Futures Childcare Initiative is a county-wide, cross-sector effort to improve access to high-quality childcare for parents from all economic backgrounds while generating innovative solutions that will support new and existing childcare centers with sustainable expansion. The Brighter Futures Childcare Initiative Coordinator oversees the administration of United Way’s Childcare Fund, including the disbursement of grants and scholarships, as well as the coordination of administrative needs for the Brighter Futures Childcare Coalition and related reporting. This position is funded through a limited contract, set to expire in June of 2025.

Key Responsibilities:

Under the direction of the Director of Strategic Partnerships & Advancement:

  • Collaborate on marketing and community outreach initiatives to promote the Brighter Futures Childcare Initiative and its associated fund, fostering engagement and awareness within the community.
  • Oversee the management of the Brighter Futures Childcare fund, effectively coordinating the scholarship and grant programs to ensure efficient disbursement and alignment with program objectives.
  • Build and maintain relationships with childcare centers and industry partners.
  • Conduct initial evaluations of applications and requests for assistance from the fund, assessing eligibility and merit in accordance with established criteria.
  • Formulate funding recommendations based on a thorough assessment of applicant need and eligibility, prioritizing equitable distribution of resources.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with community partners, furnishing requested information and delivering accurate reports on program activities and outcomes as appropriate.
  • Maintain the integrity of data systems and records, ensuring meticulous organization and accuracy in the documentation of funding data and other pertinent information.
  • Generate comprehensive reports delineating program growth and productivity, leveraging data insights to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Propose recommendations for program enhancement and the adoption of best practices to enhance program effectiveness, liaising with supervisors as necessary.
  • Complete all administrative tasks related to the initiative, including reporting and invoicing community partners and consultants.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and courtesy in all interactions with internal and external stakeholders, fostering positive relationships and upholding the reputation of the organization.
  • Execute additional duties as assigned, contributing to the overall success and efficacy of the Brighter Futures Childcare Initiative.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution required.
  • Minimum of three years program coordination, grant management, non-profit, or related experience, or an equivalent combination of experience and education will be considered.
  • Previous experience in childcare services or related fields is a plus.
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