Board Treasurer (pro bono)

Part Time
The Freedom to Choose Project

“I am struggling with old hurts and hang-ups still; however, this curriculum is aiding me greatly in being able to recognize my issues. And, for me at least, most importantly, understand I am not powerless over them – I have a choice.

I feel so encouraged, loved, and supported by the volunteers. Most importantly, I feel safe to share and not be judged or punished for my thoughts and feelings, even if they’re not pretty. Thank you for making me feel like a real person, a valuable and worthy human being.”

– Ricky, FTC Program Participant – California Men’s Colony (CMC)


Are you gifted in finance and budgeting and are looking for a way to use your skills in service of helping others?

FTC has grown to a point where a highly qualified and dedicated individual with financial and business expertise is needed to support the continued growth of our programs.

If you’ve ever dreamed about what it would be like to be a part of a movement that will change the way our country deals with incarceration, one individual at a time, then reach out now.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has long recognized the value of this work as demonstrated by the numerous grants to bring the work to more California prisons. As FTC grows as a business, it has a need for business expertise to complement the educational and program focus of the current board of directors.

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