Yup, Still Talking About Race: Where are we now post summer of 2020?

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Organizer: Leading From Within
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Leading From Within invites you to join us for a conversation on race facilitated by Connie Alexander, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Gateway Educational Services. Leading From Within first began this conversation in the summer of 2020 with a group of program alumni, and reconvened this group two other times since then. Now, we wish to open this conversation to anyone in the community who is interested in joining us.

What has changed since the summer of 2020? Has DEI become the next box to check? Is the nonprofit sector supporting oppression? Are nonprofits transforming their staff and boards to be more reflective of those they serve? What are reparations? How can nonprofits explore and engage the concept of reparations?

We hope participants feel the co-creation of a space for open discussion around difficult topics. Through openness and emerging relationships, our intention is to create accountability and change in the non-profit sector.

Connie Alexander (Gateway Education; Courage to Lead) and LFW peers who have been convening since 2020 all invite you to examine, reflect, listen and build our connection as nonprofit leaders. See website link for Connie’s bio and to register for this event.


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