Tiny Books, Poetry Tending Workshop

COST: [20]
Organizer: Explore Ecology
Posted by:Explore Ecology

Join Art From Scrap for a workshop with artist Nika Cavat.

The practice of writing poetry not only allows access to the unconscious, where all the really good stuff dwells, but it also teaches the importance of compassionate self-examination. In the first half of this two hour workshop, Nika will guide you through a series of simple writing exercises to draw out your own personal poetry. The second hour will utilize Art From Scrap handmade paper or Japanese paper to craft single sheet folding books and Japanese accordion style books. These books will be the holding place for your poetry.

The workshop costs $20 per person and is open to adults.

You will leave the workshop with beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations and the tools you need to continue mining your writer’s voice and crafting tiny books in a multitude of styles.


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