The Power of data: Qualify & Shaping Your Fundraising Strategies

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Organizer: Center For Nonprofit Leadership
Posted by:Brew

Access to publicly available data gathered through prospect research offers fundraisers a wealth of information about potential supporters. Prospect research reveals personal backgrounds, wealth indicators and philanthropic history so you can quickly identify and focus your attention on your high potential prospects. You’ll be able to predict both a prospect’s giving capacity and find ways to gauge their affinity for your nonprofit.

This session will offer participants an overview of how they can utilize prospect research to move donors into relationships through discovery and qualification outreach. And, we’ll cover some helpful data mining strategies that can allow you to uncover and prioritize previously unrecognized prospects.

Participants will walk away with:

  1. an understand of what they should and should not expect to find in donor research efforts
  2. an understanding of useful, readily available tools needed to begin and pursue donor discovery work,
  3. specific data points to look for to uncover strong giving potential
  4. techniques for getting responses to initial outreach, and
  5. strategies that help fundraisers gather info to evaluate potential alongside building rapport in this early step of relationship-building.
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