The Important Relationship between CEOs and Development Directors

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The Important Relationship between CEOs and Development Directors

One of the most important relationships in a nonprofit organization is the working rapport between the executive director/CEO and the development/advancement director.  For organizations that depend heavily on fundraising to support operations, programs, and capital projects, this is the team that leads the way, opening doors, cultivating prospects, and maintaining productive donor relationships.  The organization’s supporters are best served when these two positions are in sync.  The executive director/CEO’s effectiveness at fundraising is a direct reflection of the shared values and vision of the advancement/development department and its director.  The performance of the fundraising program is enhanced by a continuous open and honest exchange between the executive director/CEO and the advancement/development director.  It is essential that the executive director/CEO recognize their role in and responsibility for fundraising and be responsive to suggestions and requests from the advancement/development director.

In line with maintaining this healthy relationship, is the recognition of the value of participation in activities of the local AFP chapter.  The organization’s fundraising programs are enriched through the exchange of information and dialogue encouraged by the AFP chapter.  Nurturing and supporting the involvement of the organization’s fundraising staff in the chapter’s activities helps elevate performance and build professional development.  There is no downside to participating, but there is truly a lost opportunity for those who opt not to engage.

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