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Peer support group for teachers of tweens & teens to connect, share challenges, and learn strategies for building trusting relationships with students and get support. Registration is required >>

We know that students learn best in relationship, and we also know that as they hit the teen years, they begin to pull away from family in favor of peers. They still need adult role models in their lives, so how can we as educators build trust with them and create connections that will enhance their learning environment? Join us to explore how to capitalize on the attributes of the adolescent brain to create trusting relationships.

  • Monthly (second Tuesday) via Zoom: NOV 14,  Dec 12,  Jan 9,  Feb 13,  March 12,  April 9,  May 14,  June 11

Groups are FREE. Donations are encouraged and appreciated.

LOCATION: Zoom. Please fill out online form prior to attending the first group.
We will follow up and provide you with the information needed to participate.

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