Strategic Board Recruitment Through a DEIJ Lens

Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Leadership
Posted by:Brew

Over the last few years, more and more nonprofit organizations have embraced the idea of building diverse boards of directors. When those nonprofits move beyond the idea to action, they often start with the question of “What diversity do we lack and who do we know that can add that diversity?” This workshop seeks to arm nonprofit leaders with a different set of questions to enable them to strengthen both the make-up and overall effectiveness of their boards.

In this workshop, we’ll share a tool that helps organizations start with a different set of questions: What does our board need to accomplish in the next 1-3 years? And, do we have the people we need in order to accomplish these goals? The tool will then help participants think through how to answer these questions in ways that lead to not only greater diversity, but also greater board effectiveness and impact. Issues of tokenization and marginalization that so often occur in Board Diversity efforts will also be explored. In breakout groups, participants will practice using the tool and receive coaching from their peers and workshop facilitators.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Understand why a diverse and inclusive Board of Directors is important to a strong and effective Board and organization
  • Learn how to think about recruiting a diverse Board of Directors in ways that are strategic as opposed to performative and/or tokenizing
  • Practice using a tool for strategic board recruitment
  • Identify next steps for their board recruitment efforts
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