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Would you like to learn how to develop and deliver a Talk that will captivate your audience because everything is on the line?

Do you have a 20-minute High-Stakes Talk at a conference coming up, and you want in-person feedback on it?

Have you been invited to do a Talk and want one-on-one coaching to know how to develop it?

Are you speaking at your next board meeting, and you need to persuade the participants so you’d like some live recommendations on it?

Is it time for you to share your idea that can affect change in your industry, and you’d like to work with a team that has done that?

Does that thought of ‘why me?’ prevent you from developing a Talk that can change lives?

Is your idea that can change the world stuck in your mind, and you wish you could work with experts to help you get it out?

We have worked with Companies and Organizations locally to help them create a Story Strategy for the various audiences they work with: their clients, employees, donors, and the Santa Barbara public.

Opportunities to speak can come at any time. Will you be ready?

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