South Coast Housing 2030: Coming Together Now

Free, Online only
Organizer: League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara
Posted by:LeaguePR

Voice your thoughts in advance of this March 16 Community Forum by completing a pre-event survey titled “South Coast Housing Concerns and Vision.” Click here to view and complete the survey, then plan to attend the online presentation by a panel of local experts discussing solutions to South Coast housing challenges. Click here to register to attend the live panel discussion, hosted by the League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara (LWVSB).

PART I: Stanley Tzankov (CAUSE and Santa Barbara Tenants Union), and Nadia Abushanub (SBCAN and SB Tenants Union) will present data and stories from a renter perspective.

PART II: Rob Fredericks will provide affordable housing updates from the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara and describe some of the hurdles to housing production for very low to moderate income households. The feasibility for development on publicly-owned land identified in LWVSB ‘Walk and Talks’ will also be explored.

PART III: Santa Barbara County affordable housing news will be presented by John Polanskey, Director of Housing Development, Housing Authority of the County of Santa Barbara. Jennifer McGovern, CEO of the Housing Trust of Santa Barbara County will cover resources for first-time home buyers, and discuss the 3D printed home planned for Goleta.

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