Showing Up For Racial Justice – Making Movements: Changemakers, Nonprofits, and Action

COST: [$150, sliding scale]
Organizer: The Fund for Santa Barbara
Posted by:FundforSB

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership, The Fund for Santa Barbara and the McCune Foundation are undertaking an ambitious DEI summer institute that aims to create a dedicated space for understanding allyship and moving towards co-conspiratorship for different marginalized groups on an individual and organizational level, and perhaps most importantly – how we as individuals and organizations can be a part of the larger movement for justice for these marginalized groups.

This program will feature a dedicated learning community on the unique experiences and struggles of a focused marginalized identity through the summer months of June, July, and August. Making Movements: Changemakers, Nonprofits, and Action will be an intentional dual County movement towards building the capacities of our individual advocates and organizations in our collective fight for equity and social justice in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Systemic change starts from within and cannot be done alone.

What does it mean to show up for racial justice as an individual and within an organization? Join us for Week 1 of Making Movements for a dedicated space to develop a more critical perspective on race through an asset based approach. Participants will analyze racial power structures through an intersectional lens and practice applying this lens through their work as an individual ally and in the workplace. Participants will learn from and connect with local Ventura and Santa Barbara based movement building organizations and grassroots organizers doing work affecting BIPOC in our communities.

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