Setting Expectations, Accountability & Learning: SEAL the Deal With Your Team

Organizer: California Lutheran University, Center for Nonprofit Leadership
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About this event

What happens when a member of the team doesn’t seem to understand or deliver what you expect from them? How do you feel when it’s time to write and deliver a performance evaluation? How do you feel when it’s time for your own performance evaluation?

Many feel that the whole process of evaluation seems too long and too far removed from the daily performance that is needed for an organization to soar and prosper. COVID-19 virtual work environments have added even more complexity to the situation, with many leaders and supervisors postponing their processes all together.

There are ways to better communicate expectations no matter the work environment, what evaluation tool or supervision structure you have. We will practice learning and dialogue techniques to achieve a greater sense of confidence and understanding. We will also discuss how virtual approaches can aid and/or hinder providing effective supervision and feedback.

With permission from your organization, participants are welcome to bring sample job descriptions and blank performance evaluation templates to share during the session.

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