Santa Barbara Maritime Museum to Celebrate Mother’s & Father’s Days

Organizer: Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum (SBMM) will help visitors celebrate both Mother’s and Father’s Days this year. In honor of Mother’s Day, from May 1-May 8, the Museum Store will offer a 10% discount for nonmembers and an additional 10% off on all member purchases. On May 8, all mothers will also receive a flower. Then from June 1 through June 19, the discounts will again apply, and on Father’s Day (June 19) all men will receive a complimentary maritime magazine.

The Museum store offers a wide range of clothing, souvenirs, books, toys, and other nautical-themed gift items. Members of the public can search the Museum Store’s webpage at https://sbmm.org/sbmm-store/ to see what is available and make some purchases online; but as Store Manager Heather Behrens commented, “Why order online when you can come into the Museum and see our amazing whale exhibits, not to mention  buy your mother, grandmother, daughter, or granddaughter a special gift? We have paintings and cards from artist Kelly Clause, jewelry from Jennifer Shon, goats milk soaps from Louise Sciutto, films about women surfers, and so much more!”

Executive Director Greg Gorga added, “The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum hopes you will come and celebrate your Mother’s or Father’s Day at the Harbor, enjoying the beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and all of the Museum’s permanent and new exhibits.”

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