Preparing & Responding to Opposition Attacks | 2-Part Series Webinar

Organizer: The Fund for Santa Barbara
Posted by:FundforSB

March 14th and March 28th | 1:00pm-3:30 pm PST by Zoom

Have you seen the increasing right-wing attacks and been concerned for your group? Has your organization been targeted by opponents with false attacks or harassment of your community members?  How are communities responding to protect and stand up for each other?

Come to our two-part webinar series to learn what to watch out for, and how to be bold in the face of attacks.  In this 2-webinar series, we focus on creating a Crisis Response Plan and assessing your Organizational security and compliance practices.

Session #1 Creating your Crisis Response Plan 

  • We will outline what to watch out for potential threats and risks in today’s context
  • We walk you through a Crisis Response plan & how to create your own 
  • You will go home with a Best practices checklist as homework for session #2 

Session #2 Best practices checklist and action plan

  • Session #2 is a look ‘under the hood’ of your internal practices and starting a tune-up
  • Bring your checklist ‘homework’ and share reflections on real-world crises and responses
  • Walk away with an action plan to take on your top security priorities

To learn more and register, click HERE.

Presenters Margi Clarke and Mary Ochs have been part of grassroots organizing on the ground for a combined 7 decades!  Today they offer training, facilitation and strategic development for social justice groups around the U.S.  In this series Margi and Mary will offer examples of rising political attacks and how to respond, and give you practical tools to get your organization in better shape.

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