Poderoso Awards: National Latinx Philanthropy Awards

COST: [Free]
Organizer: Somos El Poder

These are the first national awards for Latinx Philanthropy and Fundraising.  Latinx philanthropy and fundraising are largely invisible in the philanthropic landscape despite the fact that the Latinx community is 20% of the US population and growing.

Poderoso means “powerful”, these awards will highlight the power Latinx have inside our own communities. The donors and fundraisers who win the Poderoso Awards are examples of the growing power of Latinx giving and fundraising.

We need awards like the Poderoso Awards to highlight Latinx activism, giving, and nonprofits.

These awards are unique in several ways:

  • We focus on individual donors, not corporate donors.
  • We give an award for large Major Gifts and much smaller, but no less important everyday, loyal consistent donors and volunteers.
  • We give an award for fundraising, because that’s the engine of giving and is underrecognized.
  • These awards are virtual so that all can attend.

These awards will work to raise the profile of the Latinx Individual Donor in the US today. We do this to change the culture of Latinx-focused nonprofits, and to develop a new culture and expectation around fundraising and giving. If we highlight givers, fundraisers, and annual donors we create a new community of fundraising for Latinx-focused nonprofits today.

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