Nonprofit Leadership Succession Planning

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Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Leadership
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Staff leadership changes are a natural part of an organization’s lifecycle, but they often create tremendous stress for both executives and boards of directors. Indeed, there can be great risks to an organization’s health and sustainability if a transition is mishandled – but by following a thoughtful process, all organizations can successfully navigate a change in executive leadership and emerge stronger. Facilitated by Allison Fuller of Envision Consulting, this workshop will help you develop a leadership transition plan if a change is planned and imminent or if the timing is not yet known. With deep experience in both succession planning and executive search, Allison will highlight common pitfalls and share a step-by-step process that can work for nonprofits of all sizes and missions.

Through this course, participants will:

  • Evaluate their current organization for leadership transition readiness
  • Understand the options available to an organization at time of leadership transition
  • Learn how to build a long-term succession planning process with your Board
  • Hear case examples for executing a leadership transition

The instructor will host office hours via Zoom for class participants from 11 a.m. to Noon on Thursday, June 15.

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