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Organizer: Ed France
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The purpose of the Santa Barbara Contemplative Leadership Program is to support community leaders who are dedicated to improving regional initiatives in such areas as social justice, environmental sustainability, healthcare and education.  The program will help leaders to develop a shared contemplative practice and to engage in an open-source, non-sectarian, collaborative inquiry.  This process will deepen our personal perspectives and relationships and rejuvenate our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

This program will be based on a universal, non-sectarian 7-step contemplative process called “InterSpiritual Meditation” that is drawn from practices of the world’s secular and spiritual traditions.  The seven steps include: 1. Motivation, 2. Gratitude, 3. Transformation, 4. Compassion, 5. Mindfulness, 6. Wisdom, 7. Service.  This contemplative process was gathered by Dr. Ed Bastian in his books and online courses and have been taught to students throughout the America and the world.

In addition to weekly meditations, monthly group hikes and discussion groups are offered.


(1) Weekly Guided Meditation Offering

This weekly contemplative offering is led by Ed France and will be open to public service based professionals. Weekly meditations on the seven steps will include conversation about each step and how these steps can support each leader achieve their personal and professional objectives.

Please register in advance by emailing Ed France at


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