Mental Health in Our Community: A Vital Dialogue (with a Depth Psychology Perspective)

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Organizer: Pacifica Graduate Institute
Posted by:Aaron Roessler

Mental health is an extremely important part of every person’s individual well-being. It can impact our relationships, our work, our learning, and our overall quality of life, and in turn, how we interact with those around us.

Unfortunately, mental health problems are often stigmatized and not talked about openly and honestly, which can make it difficult for people to not only recognize their own issues, and those around them, but to know how to get the help they need.

This panel conversation on the current state of mental health in our local community will outline the primary trends and concerns that are affecting our collective well-being. Each panelist will bring forth their unique observations, perspectives, and potential solutions for addressing the issues through myriad approaches: from the practical to the psychological. The open Q&A session will also allow attendees to voice their concerns, comments and questions. The more we talk about mental health, the better it will be for everyone to thrive . By breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health, raising awareness of mental health issues, educating people about mental health, and building a sense of community, we can help to create a world where everyone can thrive.

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Panelists will include:

Matthew Bennett, Co-Chair, MA Counseling Psychology

Jemma Elliott, Co-Chair, MA Counseling Psychology

Barry R. Schoer, Executive Director, Sanctuary Centers

Danah Williams, Past State President, CAMFT

Rachael Steidl, Executive Director & Founder, Youth Well

David Selberg, Executive Director, Hospice of Santa Barbara

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