Leading People & Organizations in Times of Change

Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Leadership
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The last few years have been a time of unprecedented change for our world and for our organizations. When you think about all of the changes your organization has been through, is going through, or or is about to go through, what feelings come up? What thoughts? What questions?

This interactive workshop is designed to answer those questions and help manage the feelings that are associated with change. Participants will be introduced to the work of William Bridges, who draws a distinction between the changes that people and organizations go through and the psychological and emotional impact of that change on individuals, groups, and organizations.

The workshop will guide participants in exploring the following questions:

  • What kinds of changes are currently taking place in your organization?
  • Why do many people resist change & what can you do about it?
  • How can you guide organizational change efforts that are collaborative, sustainable, and effective?

Learning Outcomes: Participants will leave with…

  • An understanding of the difference between “change” and “transition” and why it matters.
  • An understanding of the different stages of transition and what happens to people and organizations during each phase.
  • Tools and strategies for effectively navigating and helping others navigate each stage of the transition process.


Organizations who are navigating or considering significant change, working on strategic plans, restructuring, etc. will find the workshop particularly relevant.  This workshop is geared toward anyone who leads or manages people, teams, or organizations. It is open to staff and Board members. We encourage organizations to send teams.

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