John Stearns and His Wharf: A Sesquicentennial Celebration

Organizer: Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Thursday, November 16 · 5:30 – 7pm

Join historian Neal Graffy to learn the full story behind John Peck Stearns and his deepwater wharf.

It was Monday, September 16, 1872, was when the first ship tied up at John Peck Stearns’ new wharf at the foot of State Street. Prior to this date, ships had to pause a mile or more off shore while cargo and passengers were transferred to small boats and rowed ashore and back. It was a time-consuming, expensive and miserable experience. But no more! Stearns had built more than a wharf, this was the door that would open Santa Barbara to the world. For 150 years Stearns Wharf has endured storms, fires, earthquakes, changing times and the threat of bombing by the most dastardly of villains. A true survivor, it has overcome all that nature and man has thrown at it.



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Santa Barbara Historical Museum

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