Intro to Mending Workshop

COST: [30]
Organizer: Explore Ecology
Posted by:Explore Ecology

Learn to patch, sew, and fix garments so you never have to say goodbye to a favorite pair of ripped jeans!

In this two hour workshop for adults in the new EE Makerspace, Kolby Holdsworth of Dire Woof will show you how to you repair and rework items to keep them out of the waste stream. You’ll learn basic hand mending techniques like adding a patch to a torn item, as well as mending with a sewing machine.

You can bring one ripped or torn item of clothing to be repaired during the workshop. If you don’t have an item, we will have plenty on hand for you to practice on. Items made out of woven materials such as canvas, denim, linen and cotton are ideal. Thicker fabric generally holds up better to repairs. Please do not bring stretchy items made of knit fabric such as leggings.

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